Sleep is one thing that i look forewrd to every day, but dont get me wrong guys i take VERY good care of my body and i excersice alot. sleep is like most things it is bad for you when you use it too much, you just need to find a good moderation of it. sleep lets our minds free and your worlds shatter. good and bad can mix and exlode in the blink of an eye. you can fight you most horrific of fears, acend to new heights, be a hero, find your love waiting for you, or on the darker side, find terror that will have your face turn bone white, be powerless in a struggle, watch everything being torn away from you. anything and eveything is truly possible in your sleep. memorys fade so you can enjoy and experince every little part of it. dreams even give us new ideas and can inspire us to keep moving on tword tomorrow even when today looks bleak and lifeless. so i say thid to everyone: before you sleep let your imaginations and thoughts run wild in you head while you rest it on that pillow! so that your dreams will be all the more exciting than anything else in your life. dream and be free! :D


...... that is all. :3

Ziox Ziox
18-21, M
Mar 7, 2010