The Grinding Stone

I walk and think and day dream when I am stressed.

A while back I was walking through the desert and stressing and chewing on the cud of my life as usual when I came across a very unusual site.

It was an old indian grinding stone. Well used and with the hand grinding stone perfectly in place in the depression just as if it had been left there recently but that would be ridiculous as the Indians in this area have not used these grinding stones in probably a hundred years.

I pondered on this for quite awhile but for some reason I did not touch it or try to take it away and went on with my walk and reflection of my life and the grinding stone.

Was I grinding my self up with stress and worry ?

Last month I was diagnosed with severe ulcers and high blood pressure that could end my life.

Was it just coincidence that I came across that grinding stone ?

I have went back and rewalked my trail many times but have never found the grinding stone again.

Did it exist ?


itsalljustbs itsalljustbs
46-50, M
Mar 8, 2010