I Want To Teach The World To Groove....

I am a progressive thinker, very open-minded and I seek answres to the Universe.  I dream of a better society and it saddens me to witness the needless acts of so many around me.  The most important things in this world, ARE NOT THINGS!!  People matter, and we, as a society have forgotten to just be kind, compassionate, friendly, caring, to look out for each other.  We were never meanto to go through life alone, (and I  do not necessarily mean you have to be in a seclusive relationship with someone...) I am more referring to the many relationships we should nurture and cherish, for we are all connected and your fate is tied into my own....we are brothers and sisters, and there is only ONE LOVE....

It's funny,  I went through a very rough spell not too long ago,  (and I am still coming out from it), and I see others struggling....yet some that have it the hardest are the people with more heart and soul.  They still reach out to anyone in their path....and than I know others whom have so much and fail to be grateful for what they have, only focusing on what they do not have.  They are always griping, and complaining, and endlessly cast themselves in the role of the victim, as if the whole world is out to get them, thus it's just not possible for them to lend you a helping hand.... and is it only me that feels the disgust of this mentality? 

It is only when I am giving back to those around me, serving, or doing something for someone else that I truly find redemption and forgivesness in myself for the mistakes I have made.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and whining "why me?'  Instead, I asked, "ok, what do I need to learn and gain from this experience so as to move forward....", that I actually did begin to move forward.


It's easy to not criticize and rationalize and gripe about the shortcomings, flaws and mistakes of others, to be selfish and uninterested....but it's not cool and in the end you are less for not taking the time to connect to someone in your path.

People will hurt you.  They will disappoint you....forgive them.  Don't stop caring, or getting involved, because than your the one giving up and it's always a struggle, and we are all in this together....so take some time to do something for someone you know in need, even the smallest of getsures can change another person's world in unimaginable ways.... smile at strangers, say hello....open the door for someone while out running errands, help an older citizens with taking their groceries to their home, bake some cookies and introduce yourself to the neighbor you have no clue what their name is and they have lived there for two years, donate clothes to goodwill, buy a homeless person some sandwhiches and  a soda,  let someone with less items go in front of you in line, just do something, break out of your comfort zone and love your suffering brothers and sisters out here on the streets.


And than maybe we could all just learn to get along and groove~~~~



Psychoseven Psychoseven
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What a lovely person you are psychoseven. Trying to expand the universal consciousness with messages of peace and love and all the common small things we can do every day to connect with others and brighten their day or make them feel as though they matter, because we all do. I love your positive outlook on life and try to always maintain that same attitude myself. I have always found physical exercise is a great way to deal with any negative thoughts you have. You physically work through your own aggression and feel calm at the end, possibly with better answers on how to make a situation better. I also find it difficult to be around people who constantly complain about everything. I say we should always be counting our blessings every day and be thankful for what we have. Someone, somewhere always has less than we do. i also believe that prayer can change anything. God is our best friend and we can turn to Him for help for ourselves and help for others. I have received a lot of guidance through prayer and it is such a simple concept that is so often overlooked. God bless you for this post and i hope you enlighten the minds of many more readers to make their lives better and others too :)

Thanks for all the cool feedback guys!!!

u rock

Very well written. ♥

I LOVE IT! I feel exactly this way, too, though I struggle with my own natural tendencies (i.e., selfishness and negativity)... but sowing positive, good seed- kindness- is NOT impossible, it just takes effort and a little (or as is in my case, sometimes a lot) of getting OVER one's self. One of my own biggest challenges is in traffic... if I let the 'this is MY road' attitude get the best of me, I drive rudely and invariable feel the rise in blood pressure as I consistently make the day of those around me a little worse... but once I yield (even IF someone's not using a turn signal!) and just try to act like I'm NOT the most important person on the road... man, is that awesome! <br />
Also I LOVE your comment about the "Why me?" attitude, to which I just have to say, "Why NOT me?"- you know, the sun shines and the rain falls on the most evil, soul-less serial killer the same as the sun shines and rain falls on the kindest of saints... so, when misfortune comes around, who's to say it's NOT my turn? Why NOT me? <br />
Why, indeed?<br />
Thank you soooooooooooo much, I love finding the few who share in our mentality! What a relief, and breath of fresh air.