Fearful Dreams

IM NOT GONE WRITE LONG,BUT CHECK THIS OUT;MY DEAMS IS MADE UP OF{THE devil}demons^and angels.I have seen when I was little, I had a picture of a butterfly in my run,,and I was playing with my little brother,at that moment something made me look at the wall,and iI saw that butterfly ,fly off that wall.When it got closer to my face it disappeared.It sarced me.IM NOT PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!STRANGE THINGS HAS HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{PEACE OUT}--------DELIGHTFUL
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3 Responses May 2, 2012

If this was in a dream or vision I would like to point out symbols - a wall could be seen as an obstacle or obstacles; and the butterfly as FAITH; and your relationship with your brother about Love; family and support... If you can Believe and be grateful for support you can break any barriers and be like the butterfly - running on the fuel of faith with it nothing is impossible only the barriers you put there yourself out of fears and doubts... You have so much reasons to go on; to keep fighting so do not let your doubts hold you back, believe and take off like the flying butterfly - do not let your feet stick to the wall (obstacles) seek to get over it; to conquer it!

I thank you so much for those lovely words.they mean so much to me(0:)

The things that I write about are true and from the heart.I"am thankful that I can talk about them,it has taken alot out of me to say the things that I have been thur.I feels like a weight has been lifted off me.There is more,but I;ll save that for another day.{peace and luv}delightful

I once had a tarantula crawl inside my bad, I was too tired to look for it so I just went to bed and fell asleep .... ;/

you all man