A Few Dreams And Interactions With Michael C Hall

I wrote a letter to Michael C Hall explaining to him a dream I had where he insisted I thank him. I told him about that and some other stuff. He must have read it because a few days in he tried to see if he could use his Dexter character and pass me out because I don't think he understood the intent of the letter. I just kind of push him off and kept him hunched over like someone who is drunk and unable to think clearly. I think the thing that got to him most was my invitation to help invest in my small Gold mining operation. I know people want someone who is tested and proven first before they invest in them put I didn't mention that in the letter. I woke up a few days later and he expressed his concern about working in temperatures below 35 degrees. So he does care and was concerned but I can understand why he wouldn't want to help out in an operation even if it was a flawless opportunity. About a month or 2 after he got the letter I could see he was a lot more relaxed and at peace. The way he reacted to the content sent him into a stage where he felt to retaliate and after I kept him hunched over he felt a lot more comfortable in being relaxed despite thinking he needed to be so intense all the time. I mentioned things like telepathy in the same letter and he's said a few things from time to time. I didn't write them down, though because most celebrities don't want to give credibility to things like that because they know many people will laugh and make them look silly. I had another dream where I thought a guy named Josh (who is interested in this kind of stuff) was talking to me. When I asked, "Josh?" a guy named Michael began speaking and began to express his disinterest in the name he was giving citing that thousands of people and maybe even a million or more on this planet have the name. I was about to say some more things to him, like my address but then I got sucked out of the situation and wasn't able to say more. I'm pretty sure this was the same Michael.

I had another dream where he talked about a personal issue he didn't want me to tell anyone about. He pressed and not too much later I told him I wouldn't tell anyone. The way God operates is he says he'll do or not do something and he's bound to do it or not to. I feel the same way so I do exactly what I agreed to do. I don't want to shout out loud to other people about anything silly, personal or corrupt someone has done unless they're flat out evil or the thing they did directly affected me in a gross way or was something pretty intensely designed to hurt someone. If someone seems to be at peace and had done some silly stuff or even pretty evil stuff I'm not gonna un-bury their bones in front of everyone. If they have good energy then I assume they don't want to revisit their past self and it just wouldn't be right to bring those things up.

I don't really care what someone has done as long as they leave it behind them and try to make things right the best they can. Being penitent is important so everyone knows that person isn't trying to sabotage things. Life is about having fun so we all just need to be willing to move past anything we've done that is damaging and don't do it again.

about 1-2 months ago I got an image from Michael where he showed me he was in a speedo and with a gray **** on. The speedo was red. Red the color of Lust. I kinda felt awkward about the image so I didn't report it. but it sounds like Michael has been using his body to get people to notice him. hopefully just women. The grey **** usually just means uncommitted, as in he's single.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 4, 2012