Interactions With Tim Mcgraw And Garth Brooks

I need to preface this story with an interesting fact about the dream state. If you talk to someone while they're drunk or really really tired while they're sleeping they may seem to get quite friendly. My brother, who I'm at odds with decided to come talk to me about the mining business and I told him about some of the measurements of soil content and other numbers relevant to the business to have success and he was pretty enthusiastic about the idea of having an independent business. People get quite friendly with you there and I suppose this is in large part due to factors not present while in the body, like emotional deficiencies, low energy problems and everything else that leaves the body feeling less than ideal. The general rule is If your body feels good you tend to be more happy than when it's not.

I mentioned this as one of my findings because Garth Brooks was feeling pretty friendly when I had a dream with him. He wanted to invite to some kind of home or ranch in Texas and spend some time palling around. He was in really good spirits that morning. I might be able to make you feel good during the dream state but in my body if I live with you I'll demand you be a champion. Don't know if he feels the same way but if someone doesn't want to be a warrior in their life then I won't feel very inspired to be around them.

The impression I got from Tim McGraw was enough to show me the pride he had in his family, the fun he's had in creating children and the love he has being a man. Who wouldn't want to be Tim McGraw when you take a look at his wife? I bet you he grins from ear to ear when he gets lost in that thought.

We all have to take pride in the spirit kinfolk we have and as a man I'm sure if you have someone as sophisticated and kind as Faith Hill as your wife it should be enough to keep from complaining.

About 2 days ago Tim McGraw showed me an image with his eyes with a black mark under each like he was a baseball player or perhaps football player with his helmet off. He said Who who who, this one's on you. He was facing his right but my left. I was looking more at the left side of his face. He looked somewhat disoriented or like he had gone mentally weak.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 4, 2012