Dream With Luke Kuechly

Posted 5-4-2012
I had a dream with Luke Kuechly, 9th pick in the 2012 nfl draft. This was about 1-2 weeks ago. He was out of the field and I was the quarterback. I threw the ball to him and he took it and ran. He loved the idea of contributing on offense, although he's a defensive player. After the visuals in the dream ended he just kept talking about how fun he felt having each other on the same team. It was almost like he he got surrounded by waves of relaxation at the thought. About a week later I got a message from him either while he was asleep or otherwise and he said "you're not a Quarterback".

Surprise!! I'm obviously not. IF I could turn back the clock 10-15 years and didn't have all the emotional deficiencies I had during my early development and teenage year I think it would have been hard to keep me out of the NFL, even if I only made the practice squad. I timed my 40 time more recently to see how fast I am naturally and the best I could get was 5.5. After working at it a few weeks with the right nutrition I'm sure I could get it down to 4.8-4.9 speed but that goes to show to me that even though I was top 3 in speed in my grade during school in 3rd-7th grade the fact of the matter is I stopped working on my speed at that time because I stopped playing sports that really used it (like football) around that time so I realize although 5.5 would be fast in 7th grade, it's nothing as far as the NFL is concerned. Grinning speed for someone in the NFL for my weight is sub 4.5. The average person off the street may have a hard time breaking 7.0 speed though, so I don't feel that bad.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 4, 2012