Jessica Biel, Follow Through With Who You're Engaged To Be Married To And Be Faithful Please

I had a dream where I was in a church and Jessica was also and she said "thank you for being a part of me" as she shook my hand. I wasn't too engaged in the conversation because she had already gotten engaged. Since that time I've been haunted by Jessica saying "don't you want to be a part of me" like somehow I want to be a part of her despite having the desire to get married to a not me. She thinks I'm gay because I'm not attracted to her anymore. I can't want to be a part of someone who breeds out of marriage when there are women that I can pick who don't. In TMNT the movie Michelangelo said "Forgiveness is divine", and it is but how many vagina's have I "put my poem" into as Will Ferrell put it? The answer is I haven't managed to yet. And her? She probably has more guys inside her than she has fingers on her hands. Big difference. Why do girls try so hard to get the guys that put a little higher of a price on the procreative power than they have? She might be attractive on the outside but she can't expect me to want that kind of relationship with her seeing as she doesn't seem to value the power the same way I do. Once you gain knowledge of it's importance you have to fall into the role of living a life that gives power to the new knowledge you have. Perhaps she's aware of this and is trying but I've stored up a lot more effort than her so I can't see me ever wanting to be more than a friend to her.

On this earth we live in a place that's a battleground to increase our intelligence. The more intelligent person wins the prize faster than the person that doesn't put forth the better effort for whatever it is they love. I love passion. I can be super gay for my future spouse if I avoid the things that delude my ability to show pure passion. Having sex out of marriage is one of those things. If you want pure heart winning power you will forebear this thing. People can breed however they feel like it but if you don't live up to a good standard you can't win the hearts of those that do. Once you get your new knowledge about this then it's time to start showing you care by seeding up women in situations that everyone can have conviction for. You always win when you make the commitment of marriage. I haven't learned of someone that can summon divine power to move a mountain or turn water into wine that is out sticking his manhood into anyone that strikes his fancy, so the same thing goes for women. You want a King to have conviction in you then start living with the new knowledge that is here. A Queen of a woman should be able to open her legs with authority knowing that she is able to summon the best of the best lovers because she's smart enough to adapt to a better lifestyle and has accumulated a lot of history living in that frame of mind.

This is the secret of how to cash out on Legendary people as your spiritual kinfolk. If you can find someone that has dwelt in this state of mind for at least 5-10 years you probably will have a great relationship with them. Start today.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 4, 2012