Dream With John Seeman

I had a dream with a guy that told me he could write just as well as me and be as effective me at doing what I do despite being a **** actor. According to wikipedia he doesn't do the **** acting anymore. I didn't know his name but I used wikipedia's list of male **** actors and used google to find what they looked like and I eventually found out his name.

A couple points to cover. I'm not very favored with God and the only time I've heard him speak was in a dream. To speak like this being spoke would require the authority and power close enough to God that I could only conclude it was him. The other times I've heard voices that I believe came through his spirit they were as subtle as a thought and only slightly more impactful. If you want to know what he sounds like his voice sounds like the voice of an older man. It was very soft and mild but had the vigor of a man with boundless power.

I had wondered why his energy doesn't operate the same as a human. I can project my energy to any human and I can feel it connect with who I project it to and it flows like a circular circuit of energy. When I project energy to God it feels he has the ability to shift his energy in the instance I send it so I can't feel the exchange of photons or electrons or whatever the energy I send ought to be quantified as. This isn't because he's evading me but it's because his spirit and body are not even of the same order. I can exchange energy with him but it appears to shift to a glory that my body can't identify with very fluently. I reckon it diminishes to somewhere about 1/12th as discernible so most people have to work hard to train their mind to recognize the type of energy that is present when he is. He has looked at me from time to time. He began to do this about 2 months ago. I was a bit apprehensive about it and was quite afraid because I didn't think he'd take the time to look at me, but he did just the same as anyone can peer into my soul. It happened on several other occasions and I think this was because he was checking on me. I often send letters to famous people when they do this just so they know I can see them. If I can see them while they focused their mind on me then it helps them realize I know when God is focusing on me also. I don't like to bring up this fact because people will think it to be crazy but the point is if I can grab his direct attention it's probably because I've done something(s) to stir up some prayers of concern for me or he's giving me the stare to remind me that he is watching my life. It's happened about 3-5 times that I can recall so I'm getting used to it but prefer that it not happen so much as I am still able to grow in many ways in my life.

Once I realized this on several occasions, I was praying today and he showed me a projection of his hand and I could see it was constructed out of some kind of matter that appeared as ethereal as I've ever seen. It was as immortal a hand as I could imagine being light in color but had hues of colors that reminded me of grey and blue but neither of those colors seem to paint the picture that was in my mind.

If he thinks he can gain more favor than me, be better at what I do when I have the time to write on this website then he can have at it. I have a lot of content I've posted that really needs to be cleaned up and edited but what I write on here doesn't have to be very professional or considerate to a large audience so I have the flexibility to get out content that I think a few people will find useful or even entertaining.

Furthermore, if you can't stand the knowledge I have without losing your mind or wanting to kill someone then you best recognize that I'm qualified for this stuff because I can handle it and you probably can't. I don't wish some of the knowledge I've stumbled upon on anyone, and won't take the liberty to share it here because if I did and you believed me you'd probably want to die. It'd take out a lot of the savor out of your life and probably cause you to breakdown or fall into some other state of psychosis.
I wonder if John Seeman read through some of my content and thought he's qualified to do what I am. I'm too generous to make an example of giving someone knowledge they can't handle but believe you me that God brings very advanced people to being able to withstand a very high threshold of pain in whatever form is most relevant for the growth of that person, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. If you think you can withstand more emotional or mental pain then me then pray to God to touch my mind when you're at your worse and see if it phases me.

Here's some more stuff you probably don't understand. Why did all of Christ's disciples abandon him in the garden of Gethsemane? It's because situations are staged by the creator to maximize our growth. In the time he most needed support no support was to be found. The numbers weren't there so his agony was extended to an even greater measure because he didn't have the support that they could provide had they been there. When you have so much knowledge unfolded to me as I have the only end result you will have after you pass through the trying times is a soul that qualifies to be endowed with the pure glory and power of a colossus, and I'm not very close to being finished. I have another 6 years before I'll enter into that place of calmness after the storm. A lot of people that want to see a good show will be keyed in on my life at that time.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 5, 2012