Rick Harrison (from PAWN stars) Popped Into My Dream Last Night

The main guy from the tv show PAWN stars popped into my dream early this morning, and from it I learned he has a problem with his prostate. In his personal time he has quite a sarcastic sense of humor.

I'll include a letter I wrote to Chumlee sometime late April to make a few points. I also sent one to Corey.

"Dear Chumlee,
            This is Bruce. I had a dream that you and I were socializing and you identified me as a predecessor on the network. Perhaps for your current timeslot or as a show that follows yours. Funny thing is I can communicate telepathically while asleep or in an astral state though so I don’t know if you were asleep or awake when it happened. At any rate what I specialize in varies, whether it be as a leader or as a psychic, a gold miner or as an outdoorsman. A show on the network would be the best thing for me seeing as how it would help me to keep my focus and showcase a few things I do well. A month or two later I told you “sometimes I make things up” and you felt a little ashamed that you would tell people about me before actually materializing in your life but here I am!
I sent a piece of mail to Corey also so he could direct me to someone in the network that would be interested in seeing what I can do. Either you or him letting me know, the sooner the better. I need a good new challenge and I’d make a perfect fit in front of the camera on the right kind of tv show.
Let me know your thoughts. Please write back, call my number or send me an e-mail."

I told Corey that Chumlee had a Dream with these details. To the point of the show if Chum's talking and he said "predecessor" I don't know what context it's in. The predecessor to Bill Clinton was George HW Bush but when we're talking "things" the predecessor can be something that comes afterwards.

Was Rick was livid about the content in the mail I sent to the two? Perhaps so, thinking what I communicated was a little to crazy. Even if Chum claimed he didn't have a dream about me then I'll tell him he doesn't understand what dreams are. If someone's asleep at the same time as another one can have a dream where the other doesn't even remember it because he wasn't conscious enough during it. Everyone dreams but a lot of people don't even remember their dreams. A Person might have 10 different dreams in a night and only remember one.  I have had a habit for saying things that people can't take to very easy because I don't phrase them in a context they can relate to. I've decided to stop doing this because I can't see much real-time value in talking about things in a way that person doesn't have enough knowledge yet to understand.

By the way the Old man finds me posting info about Rick's prostate problem amusing. I believe the reaction of the subconscious to what we say or do to someone can be enjoyed by anyone that tunes in to what another person is feeling. Come on old man, get on Rick for being too old to have anger issues. Want more drama on the show. Imagine Rick's reaction to the old man telling him to go to his room. Lol.

Thanks and ttyl!

Update: 6-8-2012-Edited a few sentences, but not the whole article. Removed stuff about Rick getting angry. I think he's learned to relax a little bit as of late. In a dream he showed me two things we both have in common last night. We don't like snakes. There was a group of people doing an entertainment show and they wanted to put some people in a room with some non venomous snakes without any caging. Both him and I hated the idea. We both ran from the situation "I don't like snakes" he said. Both of us don't care that they're non venomous. To me I think most of them are ugly. There are a few snakes that have a good temperament. I had wondered if he was speaking symbolically for a bit but if he was I couldn't figure out why. Who likes those kinds of snakes any ways?

update 6-11-2012
Rick popped into my dreams once again. He explained he was "Almost baptized" like he thought on some level it was a good thing but that it just didn't fully suit his personality. He told me this because he felt like he wanted to tell me something that I wanted to hear. No one needs to tell me anything they think they want me to hear. I like when people speak their mind most of the time.

The shop he had in the dream had lower counters and was a smaller store. This probably represents to him a place he doesn't want to be in again in his life, just like the place he probably has been about the baptism issue.

I responded to him and explained "don't ever pressure yourself". I could sense he didn't feel that I could speak those words from a place of sincerity, though.

When people talk about religion and baptism remember never to respond to pressure to do something for religious reasons. I think "I will do it only because I want to do it" must be our response to any enticements to join up with a religion. If someone is just trying to look good by "winning" a person's heart over to a religion then they've lost their mind. I'm convinced God has a place of glory and order beyond this world and it does help to study the "protocol" of that order to discern how it operates, holding you might fancy spending some time or eternity there. People that want less order won't be placed there because they won't fit in or feel comfortable there. The place with the most power and "glory" is the playground he's made to invite other good people onto it to share their existences together. People that try to distort it or damage its integrity are sucked out of it. He won't compromise the prized state of mind he's worked to obtain. Yes, the man that knows everything is where he is because he wanted to be and not just because "he just is". I_ suppose anyone who "just is" "just is" because all knowledge and power "just is" so that argument about God is just as true for him as it is for you.

Who cares about the kingdom of God if trying to get there diminishes our focus from loving other people, evolving in our lives by challenging ourselves, and winning the heart and support of the small to large number of "spirit kin" we meet in our life that match up well with our views and other things that we feel are important about our existence.

Rick Harrison has showed me an image of him as Mr Clean more recently. His energy has been very good recently. I picture him in my mind just like he does in his tv show saying "And I want one".
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May 9, 2012