Dreams And Interactions With Aaron Rodgers

I had several with Aaron Rodgers but I didn't want to distract or take away from his focus last season. When I touch a person's mind out of the blue I can stir them up a bit. It's a gift.
Up to this date, he popped into about 2-3 of my dreams. In earlier dreams he seemed to be enthusiastic to get to know me. I didn't write them down because he'd pop in at odd times I wasn't very conscious. About 1-2 months ago I had a dream where I learned he doesn't prefer unreliable people or people that disappoint him(ie not live up to expectations). Many people are like this but Aaron looks at reliability as a key attribute in people he works with. I had another dream where he showed me a girl he knew that was older than him but not very physically attractive but intelligent and attractive at her core and he believed that she was the kind of girl that he thought was wife material--at least on a subconscious level. I draw from this that he is not a shallow romantic; he wants a woman with a good head on her shoulders that he can see things that are more than just skin deep that he admires about her. The last dream I had of him he showed me that he considered me behind him just like the people that used to treat him like a kid when he was playing football in high school and College. I wager this was his subconscious reacting to me for not writing him. I think his subconscious wanted to show me that he considered me as being grouped with someone that thought he wasn't mature enough to learn what I could teach him.

The loftiest belief I have is the belief man can become like God. Just like God? Just think about if for a sec. You learn and grow and gain more experience, hone your skills and abilities, and evolve into beings capable of doing things that are unbelievable to the people who have yet to evolve in faith. Once you know everything and have overcome all challenges you can be presented with as a divine being you'll be as prepared as anyone to be a master of all creation and have nothing to inhibit you from being able to create or grow or develop any natural or artificial creation that strikes your fancy. God creates and develops mankind among whatever else he creates. As long as we can stay patient through our growth experiences we're doing our part to evolve. . As an individual we just need to grow and develop our talents and polish ourselves and the end product will leave us endowed with more power and ability than we came to earth with. A complete being is referred to as a perfect being and that's a thing Jesus Admonished his followers to seek to become. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect". In my life, I don't focus on on perfection but just improvement. What better way to evolve than Continual improvement? Pace is another thing to consider, the faster we improve, the more confidence we can draw from our efforts.   Contributing to society, serving the good people we love and making effort to inspire a better performance out of our fellow men all pay off in the long run. There are so many ways we can do this when we use our unique skills or talents. A lot of people admire professional entertainers and athletes because they perform at such a high level physical level or because they are brilliant at entertainment. Only if they are brilliant in their personal life can they garner the admiration of a true master.

update 5-25-2012
Aaron popped into one of my dreams and I could tell he thought he needed to train me. He was doing some arm exercises with some rhythm and authority. I tried to snap him out of it. Was it effective? This was on 5-21-2012.

Update 5-28-2012
Aaron Rodgers popped into my dreams yet once again. I found myself in the bedroom of a young girl. It felt like she was my sister and I assumed she was. Aaron came into the room to spend some time and help her out. I thought it was a brilliant way to show he cared. What I draw from this is that he does have genuine care for at least a few people in his life. Being in the same room for some reason he thought I sent him something or left something with him. The subconscious reacts to our conscious intentions and. in fact,  I was thinking about writing it at the time.  We went to the book shelf and surprisingly the books were organized according to how high they vibrated at. The top of the bookshelf seemed to have religious type books. A lot of them had solid blue covers on them. Blue is often perceived to represent the color of spirituality in dreams. The lower shelf had books more for entertainment. I left an important document in one of these books, or so I thought. In response to what I was thinking he helped me look through the books. Then he grabbed a stack of Mr Man books with a rubber band around them. He said "is it in here?". I thought it amusing he'd look in there. He has an obvious sense of humor. The dream ended. I'd be willing to bet he had Mr Man books read to him when he was a child also. Mr Rush, Mr Topsy Turvy, Mr Tickle, Mr Small. Which was Aaron Rodgers aware of when he was a kid?

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May 11, 2012