Dream With David Boreanez

In this dream I was back at my mom's house and left it because I didn't want to be there. I traveled down the road and stopped at a house someone said I'd be welcome to stop by and spend time at like we had known each other. It was a house off a road probably a half mile up Las Brisas road in Reno NV. I have never met this person consciously. I had a day off so I decided I should drop by and watch a movie. Being by myself I entered their house and went to the TV and started to take pictures of myself with different expressions just to have a little fun while I was waiting for the woman who had invited me there to show up in the family room with her Child. She was pretty hot. Her Child was just beginning to walk and she was trying to help the child to do that. I watched and felt a little guilty to get in the way of her usual daily stay at home mom activities. Maybe this was more me feeling insecure that I had so much free time on my hands. I began to chat with the woman and remembered her invitation and the house but forgot her family name. So I asked her for it. She said: "The Gilbert." Then she began to elaborate: "The Gilberts used to live here when we were family." Right after she began to make that statement she shape shifted into David Boreanaz. Then I heard someone say "are you sure?" I assumed it was David Boreanaz in doubt because it was thought energy, not anyone's voice speaking from their higher self. In dreams when someone is in fear or in doubt their voice diminishes to what I call "thought energy" which doesn't have the energy of that person's voice in it so that's why I assumed it was still David speaking.

The woman had light hair at the tips but at her roots it was closer to brown. She was tall for a woman and I could tell she was a good mother. She had good energy. When were we related? Probably through a marriage and now the person is divorced I'd wager. The woman was related to David at some time. I don't know if David has a sister that got married but later divorced to the woman or if he has a brother that was married to her. The last scenario I thought of is probably not viable but I thought that maybe Jaime Bergman has a sister or brother related to her through marriage and that David is undergoing a divorce now. Any ways maybe he could tell me if he puts a little thought in.

Some of the interesting points to this dream are that we socially interact with each other without being conscious of a lot of it. This is one of the few things Sigmund Freud talked about that I'm on the same page with him about. I probably got "invited" to this woman's house a while back sometime while I was asleep but people interact in the dream state just like they'd interact with someone else they get comfortable with. I knew where the house was and that the person was friendly but I couldn't remember who they were consciously. The neighborhood couldn't be older than about 15 years. My grandmother, Priscilla remarried so my mom's adoptive father is named Bruce Gilbert. His father's name was Elsworth Gilbert.

Any ways it was an interesting experience and I can't assume anything but that if someone were to look at the marriages connected to David's family that they'd find a connection. I don't have record of David's family tree so I really couldn't compare.

update 6-3-2012
David knows I need a job. What kind of job were you thinking about? As long as you let me get on you for not behaving with the women (if it happens), I'll be happy to come work for you, holding the job has some spirit to it. What did you have in mind?
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May 14, 2012