David Wilcock Wrote A Book About Telepathy

David Wilcock is a researcher that thinks he was Edgar Cayce in a former life. I haven't read his book but I watched a few presentations about some of his findings on youtube. He showed up in one of my dreams recently. I was in a house and one of his supporters (that often films him) named Kerry Cassidy set up a camera and secretly hit record before he was ready. He had briefly stepped outside to do something and came back in then he asked "did you start filming already?" She confirmed she had and he just went on doing what he was doing, being only a few moments before he was about to speak or give his presentation. My point of view was from the audience. Would be great to spend a little time with them because they enjoy all kinds of beliefs and knowledge that many people consider "Fringe".

I was on Kerry's right side so that means we are on good terms. It's possible this could be a snippet from a future event we could both expect to be on good terms with each other.

I learned (on 5-25-2012)this was just a mental image and prediction of the way both David and Kerry want things to stay: David Speaking, Kerry filming and me watching from the audience. Too bad David and Kerry just don't get it.

When someone thinks they can benefit from your input or support they will often begin projecting you into their life. Several well known people have done this for me but it was at a time I really didn't know what it meant. Jessica Biel did this the most. I worked to get this to stop through prayer and other things because there are parts of her lifestyle that I'd ask her to change because if we were in close proximity she's the type of person that would make sure to use her energy to insist I feel attracted to her. Some women want validation so strongly that you think they're attractive that they won't spend time around you if they can't feel they'd have a romantic chance with that guy. It comes back to the idea that some men and women alike don't want to be just friends. I could be just friends with her but she never wanted that with me. When people make decisions they are really consulting what they want to feel in their heart. If that person doesn't feel another person wants to make them feel the way they want to feel they won't go out of their way to interact with that person. This is how virtually everyone makes their social decisions. When someone avoids you it's probably because you don't make them feel how they want to and it might be either because you lay down the law and they don't like it because they're a douche or because you've got some issues to work out or perhaps a little forgiveness to ask for before they feel comfortable interacting with. I say forgiveness because many social interactions often wind up with negative outcomes when someone doesn't treat another person right and so forth.

Any ways I got on David because I wanted to use him to get really good at telepathy, be engaged with similar kinds of work. Job openings don't come out of thin air though. I figured he could at least consider it. Over a months time I left a few messages at his website but he didn't get back to me. I let him know I was displeased that he wouldn't consider me in a round about way.

I checked the astral plane to see if he had changed his mind at one point about 1-2 months ago. I had joined his forums 4-5 months ago at divinecosmos.com and he was still enraged enough by what I had said that he told me if he wanted to kick me out of the forums. He'd have to know who I was though and I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

Any ways he eventually let go. When he did I felt some "emotional" telepathy come through where he communicated "you're so special". Don't know if this was conscious or while he was asleep. I hope he can relax. I dropped the sledge hammer on him because I knew we could work just fine together and have a lot in common. I could enhance his work incredibly because it's something I want to do. I need to finish my school and have some work I like to do while doing it.

Not that I have much of an audience but I'd clean up the content and grammar in these articles to make what I've produced and concluded reach more people if he ever was interested in that. I'd prefer to surround myself with people that care to hear about my findings, discoveries and views on the universe rather than not be able to share most of it with anyone except through this site. We all have varying beliefs but I'm no fan of the "believe in nothing but what I see" kind of person and many people are like this and some are so stubbornly invested in this viewpoint that they get enraged if someone talks about something that they have to exert a little faith to believe in or is something that falls outside of what they've been conditioned to believe.

For a while I couldn't stomach watching David's content because he didn't even want to become familiar with what I could contribute but maybe he'll move on and consider what I can bring to the table some day.

update 5-27-2012
David's subconscious mind wants people to know about the importance of 72 hour kits. He showed me a few people will need them in July. David's mind looked forward to reading a few articles that cover a gamete about a man named Ezra Taft Benson to Tarot cards terms that I haven't yet written. If he reads this update before I release content about that then it means his subconscious doesn't want me to know that he read my content prior to the time I release articles about those things. Once he reads that stuff he will feel to call me an "Enigma".

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May 14, 2012