Dream About Johnny Depp

Dear Johnny Depp,

How are you? I’m writing to share with you an experience I had in the dream state. I’ve written many well known people about social interactions I’ve had with them in the dream state. This is a place people reveal to me where they are in their spiritual climb in life.

In my dream you said to me “I will”

Then you said “Beethoven” and “I’m a Hindu”

I pondered why you’d say these things to me. Do you like the belief set of the Hindu religion? Beethoven? Is he your favorite composer?

Any ways I peruse the astral plane to find people willing to help me show the world what I can do or perhaps put me in a better position to help me with these ambitions. I didn’t write it down but the dream happened Thursday or Friday morning (5-10 or 5-11-2012) as I recall.
Do you know someone that can help me do this? I’ve thought about many ways to showcase my talents but what I can do is quite fringe.
Can you answer the “I will” question for me? Prior to going to sleep I asked God for an opportunity to get out and work for someone that wasn’t a slave driver that cares about his employees. I don’t know what else to say that you’re interested in hearing other than this because most people aren’t interested in seeing what else I can do. Dream interpretation isn’t that hard for many people. Any ways do you have a Gold operation that you want to be managed? Do you want to do some wilderness activities? I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a zillion ideas about opportunities make if I had a few extra bucks, but I’m unemployed so my income is low. I’m well overqualified for virtually all the jobs I can be hired on for.

I know this is a lot out of the blue but in this economy I have to be aggressive. I’m willing to participate in any project or experiment or business venture you’re interested in and I’m the kind of guy that could represent you well.
Any thing you take issue with you can grill me about but I need to be involved with someone that cares. I’m willing to do whatever it takes; my talents are endless when it comes to science and experimentation.
Let me know if I can help you in some way. If you think someone else could use me then don’t hesitate to let me know. If you’re busy then don’t worry, I’ll have to deal with that.
If you bring me into your mind for consideration just think one word: “interview”. “What can this guy do to help me have the success I want at something I don’t have the time to effort towards or manage”.

Then I closed the letter.

It's interesting to note that the subconscious prioritizes what it values. Johnny Depp values music more than his beliefs or religious viewpoints but there is a strong connection between music and being healthy. I note this by considering the order he told me them. I found it odd he'd say Beethoven when I can't imagine him playing Beethoven on his guitar. I suppose he loves the musical concepts in it. A lot of people will tell you their music is their spirituality.

I sent the letter a few days ago. I've never gotten a response from a well-known person but I know a few have read what I wrote to them.

Update 5-29-2012
Last night Johnny Depp showed me himself in a batman costume. I think the super hero he most identifies with is Batman. Although I could tell he felt a little insecure in it just as anyone would feel in a super hero costume who legitimately wants to solve problems in the world he likely feels the Dark Knight is the most practical of all the super heroes seeing as he has no super powers. This is Johnny's way of telling me he isn't sold on the idea that God has divinely endowed people with powers that extend beyond what we're given at birth. The truth is he doesn't add any powers except to protect a person who asked him for protection from injury or if someone "summons" divine aide to accomplish some kind of inspired work. When I'm ready to explore this rabbit hole I will to see how deep it goes. The only super powers I feel I want to have at this point are on the astral plane. I've enjoyed virtually all of them. For those that care to hear: Flying, Super speed, levitation, dare devil type precision reflexes, super strength, invulnerability (I shot a gun at my hand and caught the bullet), telekinesis, teleportation, passing through solid objects, invisibility, shapeshifting, and x-ray vision. For me to be successful at these things consistently I have to be in a strong emotional state. When I lose my focus in my life my powers seem to evaporate. One of these days someone who remembers their dreams will challenge me to see if I can do what I say I can. I hope they find me and share their experience with me after I interact with them. I can expect that person's mind to project a different dream but when our minds cross the content will be similar enough to realize a very similar social interaction.

update 6-15-2012. I got my letter to Johnny back. the address was no good. this came back within about 1-2 weeks from now. He asked me what I wanted a little before 1:20 this morning. Any thing you've got of course. Work? Project? Adventure? Maybe and interview to see what I can bring to your life? Would be great to start with that kind of thing. You have strings to pull to get me in touch with some producers that cast for reality series? Anything you feel impressed to do I'll take it. My roomates are moving out at june 30th and my next stage is work, school (then steam roll). Gotta be assertive in this economy.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 15, 2012