Other Dead People That Have Touched My Mind and my unhelpful Uncle as the cherry on top.

Lincoln has touched my mind a few times. Washington as well. Washington really likes to feast. I learned that about him. I covered Lincoln in another article.

I have a list of dead LDS leaders that have touched my mind. They want to show their support for me while dead. Too bad I can't get much support for me among the living.

The first I want to mention is Brigham Young. He doesn't want me to say this but although I'm sure he's a good guy once I found out about how he conducted his business I didn't really like him. I've felt that way for the last decade or so. I'd do things differently if I found myself in the situations he was in.

Any ways he knew I didn't like him. but what I found out about him is that he doesn't care if someone was a dead beat loser, if he believes God has set them apart to do some work for him he will show his support to that person.

Another is James E Faust. One Sunday I awoke to him talking about his testimony of the lds faith and said with all the emotions he could muster "but I know it's true".

At a later time he also showed me he's a fan of Disney. He made a comment about my free time and expressed his view that I get back to work and school. He use a word to describe what he felt my jobless no school situation was to him and the word was a mixture of the word truant and vacation and I can't remember what it was but it reminds me my vocabulary isn't as sharp as it could be. I'm pretty sure he had a good vocabulary.

Gordan B Hinkley's mind touch mine also and his message was "Be a man". There was someone that kept calling me a "rookie". I couldn't figure out who. On monday 6-25-2012 I finally realized Gordan B Hinkley was a culprit for saying this to me at least once.

These guys have gotten on me more recently in the last few months to try to steer my life in a direction where I have both of those things going for me but unfortunately my family is full of ball droppers and are too stubborn to assist despite having a lot of money. My uncle is a multi-millionaire. His company uses a private Jet. I asked him for a job with him and he could hardly bring himself to communicate back to me. He's a man of faith and I told him 10 years ago that God communicated to me I was born to contribute in life as an eventual prophet. His name is Mark Gilbert and he owns many Car dealerships in the states in and around Washington.

I used my "source"ery on him and he lost his mind and would read my e-mails to him but stopped responding. I wasn't even harassing him, I was just telling him stuff I could see in his life that he thought was private. One of the things I told him was that I saw an image of him losing his ability to walk. I didn't tell him he projected it to me. Either he had an issue that could lead to him losing his ability to walk or he has something that's growing. I'm not going to tell him that someone projected to me that they have bone cancer. Could it be him? Maybe but his lack of support and inability to communicate and treat me properly has got me close to the edge of becoming infuriated. He knows better. Don't not help me when you are IN my family and I'm willing to be a top top producer and outshine all the rest of his employees in exchange for income to get me in a position where I can complete my schooling. I told him about a guy that prayed that he fall and never get back up around the time he projected that he lose his ability to walk. Finally he showed me in a dream that he realized he blew off a guy named Roy. I'd be willing to wager Roy prayed for that in a fit of rage.

I can't force any one to help me but the simple fact of the matter is if someone doesn't help me that knows he should God will condemn to be left up to his own power. "PULL OVER" was something running through his mind that he actually acted on while driving because he was panicking about getting an accident to fulfill the words I spoke to him. And he made it all up.

His wife Sue said to me in the astral plane: "You're code stomping, how do you do that?"

What code? I won't protect people if they know they should assist me and do literally nothing. If I complete my mission to the earth and you find out I knew what it was all along and the history books put me among the few people to leave the earth being called forth up to heaven then you're going to be numbered with the people that God spits out of his mouth in the book of Revelation. All those people aren't very smart.

Any ways people get so stubborn when I talk out loud about the stuff they've done that is WRONG. Don't get mad. CHANGE YOURSELF and I won't talk about it any more. I'll forget about what I said.

Someone else also prayed that I lose my ability to walk. It was a woman, perhaps his mom or someone else he talked to about it. I didn't will to invoke any such thing upon Mark. I just told him about he image I saw. If someone is foolish and thinks I can't help them out in their life like a champion then he gets to deal with his lack of discernment.  He has been so rude in his heart I'm not going to tell him these things. Among some of the things he's wanted for me is that I get shot in the back. He also wished someone would knife me. He also hoped for me to commit suicide.

Hey man if that's in your heart and you're that arrogant I'm not going to talk to you anymore. You can lose your ability to walk. As far as I'm concerned you don't deserve to have that pleasure in your life if shut me out and wish so much evil on me. People don't realize it but they condemn themselves when they do evil and don't change. Evil=death any ways. Everyone that does evil dies. One of the reason's Jesus would have lived forever had he not been crucified is because he did no evil. It has more to do with the endowment of power he had before he was born but the consequence of being a master that doesn't do evil automatically awards someone of his heritage with the ability to live forever in a body that would appear mortal. His resurrected body is like the stuff of legend. He's as indestructible or as soft as he wants to be. A true superman.

Any ways Mark wrote me into his life starting in June. Mark if I fill my mission I'M your leader. Don't assume you have the right to lead someone that God plans to summon to do things that are beyond your capacity and ability. I respect people for the good things they do but he's trying to be dominant over me so I know he's just another earthbound soul that isn't even close to being ready to get off this planet. God's view is not to attack. He's a protector. He's like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS". He'll protect the people he loves and admires from the foes of the eternal pit. He doesn't want to kill anyone. If you push the envelope enough he might just take you from the Earth but you have to be so lost or stubborn to have cursed yourself into a time and place that can create death if not the cells in your body don't kill you with a genetic weakness that degrades faster through your emotional state.

Hey Mark, this is what will be written about you and all the inhabitants of the world will see who you are in your heart. I won't remove it unless you change. The stubborn guy who called me stubborn 10 years ago gets to see that he can't hide his intentions.

My mom has done and said things very taxing to me so we don't have much of a relationship. She insists on adult activities I don't support and takes out her insecurities on me just for being present.

I asked her sister who has a husband in the mining industry a few questions to help increase my knowledge about the industry. She said she'd give him my questions in a few days. 3 months later I ask about it and she's like "be patient". Later I found out through a image he broadcast to me that he thought vacationing was more important than answering a few questions for me so he found out about them and did nothing. He makes well over 6 figures a year and has a nice house in Washington also.

Other people may think that I'm terrible with people and that's why I got here. Well I hate to break it to you but most people send energy to people to get them to make a good choice. They pass emotional energy to them to get them to serve them or have their way with that person but I don't operate that way. I think it's not a realistic way to get people to live in a sustainable, independent state. Without that emotional energy feed you won't aren't making a decision from your core, you're making a decision because someone made you feel good about doing it. Even thieves operate this way. "Let me make that person feel good that I stole from so that they don't feel mad or bitter about it." It works like a charm. I had my car stolen with stuff in it as well and the thieves would send energy to try to make me feel good about letting them steal it.

My view is to generate your own and do work that you feel is right for you. If the work leaves you feeling insecure afterwards it's not good work so do something else.

The list goes on and on about my family that could help me but doesn't. Virtually all the people 10 years older than me or older want to lead me like their age gives them that right. I'm my own leader. I can lead myself quite fine, thank you. Don't get mad if I can do your job better than you if you're in management or own a company because odds are despite how many credentials or experience you have I probably CAN do it it better. Suck on that. It's not to slight you but it's because I see things other people can't see. It takes me about 10 days to virtually master a job that I'm entrusted with. I could take over as CEO in any good company and change the culture of it in mere days. I can tell people where money can be made and where it's being loss. I can identify problems with inefficiencies just by asking a few questions. I could inspire the best performance out of many people that have since lost interest in their job within a few days. Just don't let them see these claims because some people might get some salt in them and decide to see what they could do to sabotage them.

The only thing I lack is a little polish. 3 days on the job is enough for me to get it back. On top of that no one will invite me to show them I can do what I can say I do. It's not how the traditions of people on this planet have elected to operate.

The social science of eternity is that the most ancient people usually are the most talented and have the highest talent ceilings. God reserves these people for work that most people don't qualify for, to lead.

I am more ancient than virtually anyone you meet and I haven't spent more than 30 years on the earth.

People laugh and don't take me seriously. Then God shows me ways to open up opportunities to make all the people that doubted me look like monkeys. When you see you weren't for me when you needed to be you know you didn't pass the test of true friendship so all you will get to look like if you want to ask something of me is sheepish.

Any ways I'm done venting. I hope my uncle changes. He gets to let other people see what he is in his heart while I get to have oh so small of an income until God helps me get over that edge a few people throughout history have spilled over only to become unstoppable. Assuming I hit it I'll plow over my enemies just like any immortal leviathan can.

update 5-18-2012:
Passed out my uncle yesterday. We got in a physical confrontation in the dream. He thought he could take me. I had the upper hand and got on top of him. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and pass him out. When you pass someone out in your dreams the significance of it is similar to what it does to the body and mind while your conscious. While someone consciously passes you out your spirit resets its connection to your body. When you pass out someone on the astral plane it means you reset their mind's perspective on how they ought to use the power their body gives them.

Try to pass me out. If you can't your knowledge isn't good enough to. You'll need to summon the power of a great person to do it. Michael C Hall was the easiest to pass out. Justin TImberlake was awkward but viable. My uncle was a harder challenge but the power of these written words help to do it.

Update 6-17-2012
Gordan B Hinkley's mind kept touching mine for the last week or so again. I eventually starting talking (out loud in the astral plane) to anyone that would hear and explained I didn't think his intelligence was that great and compared his intelligence to being like my Grandpa. He can get the job done, comprehend basic ideas and have understandings that go a little deeper than the surface but his intelligence didn't operate like the earth shattering intelligence of God or the few that came before that we close to him (Like Melchizedek). He explained back to me: "Not many of those people will come" meaning not many of those kinds of people ever come to the earth.
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may not be your uncle. I am Sue. I am not his wife by choice. His daddy is filthy rich, too, and overweight. Is this another D??? Is this a local D? You share his daddy's name, don't you? Pm me please