My Dream With Snoop Dgizzle

I'll speak in Snoop dawgs language for this.
Snoop Dawg appeared to me in a dream. When he showed up he said hi with one of the hand signs he loves to flash to people that he knows respect him. He was wearing several rings. They looked like super bowl rings. He asked me why I didn't show up for a breakfast that he invited me to. Wondering why I wouldn't prioritize a breakfast with him I began to think "I must have been sick or something" but I could tell he really didn't care that I didn't show up because he's used to people bailing on him and I could tell he developed a good attitude about it. He was just grateful to be free and socializing and enjoying his life. He enjoys the company of laid back easy going people and has no problem getting along with people who have made some silly choices in their life or had been greedy. He told me he had had many women but the number was less than 300. I've got to tell you snoop people often bail on you because they're afraid to disappoint you. They don't want to be put in a situation where you lay into them because they like weird stuff that you can't figure out why they like it. I know this because I feel to do the same thing with people I can't stand because I can't figure out why they like deluded sh*t. "why does that dude like that sh*t?" I had a really positive feeling about Snoop Dawg. I probably wouldn't want to spend much time unless he assured me his womanizing was behind him. He is very misunderstood and has a huge chip on his shoulder because people don't treat him right. Maybe some people are jealous of Snoop.

I can't imagine he ornate rings he was wearing were anything other than super bowl rings. Assuming they were I think it was his way of showing what we share in common: a great love for the game of football.

Another thing to note is after the visuals in the dream ended I was left talking to someone that I only assumed was snoop. which is why I said he had sex with less than 300 women because I was focused on the fact that he probably messed around with a few women in his day. A number was given to me: 282. I assumed this was the number of women he had probably been with in some way.

6-19-2012 Something snoop and I agree on is that getting a celebrity to do something for the common man is like pulling teeth.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 21, 2012