Dream With Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly popped into my dream because he wanted to show me how he likes to exalt himself above his fellow humans by digging up dirt about them. He showed me it was in his heart to do that favor for me if I were to become well known. There's not much dirt you'll be able to find since I was a teenager except for the times I've let my mouth get dirty. Bill, you've made your own mistakes and done and said things that many people can't stomach. We won't judge your sexual harassment case or other things you've been reported to do and say with regards to your sexual conduct. If you haven't walked a perfect line there your whole life you need to sit down. You can't hope to leverage yourself on issues you haven't been spotless about. Getting on people for corruption is only something that ought to be used on the people that are still sick from it. The people that haven't made a good effort to change are fair game but those who are sincerely troubled with a mis-step or short coming ought to be given the benefit of the doubt. Go by the spirit of it. What they're attracted to right now is the impact they want to have on their fellow human beings. All enlightened people go by the spirit of what they can do or say to help out another person. If someone isn't penitent about the unpleasant things they've done or advocated it does indeed help them to talk about those things they've done because it's a reminder of the product which is their heart that they want to own before the world. Words are as physical of a thing a person may ever experience to help him decide if something he did is a thing he wants to die as an advocate for.

Update 6-5-2012

About 3-5 days ago I learned bill has good Intel. Being as well known as he is in the media some people have cards concealed they don't show you. How good are his sources? He let slip out from his mind to mine "you're in ca_ _ _."  I put blanks there in place of letters because I don't want people to know for sure what that word is. Bill knows. I don't want people to know who I am until I'm able to lay waste to all my enemies. Only a very few know, and I prefer it that way.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 21, 2012