Tim Tebow, Behave.

I had someone ask me "what about Tebow's women?" one night in the astral plane several months ago. Thinking the person who said it wasn't a Tim Tebow fan I dismissed the comment.

Last night I had a dream that Tim Tebow was in a motel room with a crazy woman. I was in the next room over and could hear the faint sound of a woman making noises like she was getting some sexual pleasure. I focused in on the noises to confirm I was hearing correctly. As I was focused a few more people began to focus on the situation. The woman, realizing she was likely to be villainized left the room. I couldn't see her visually for a few moments but could shortly after she began speaking. She was already passed the situation she was in and started to yell at one of her friends "So what if I threatened your life" as she went raging on with the belief she was justified for reacting as she did. Seeing as she came from the motel time was in a woman reporter went in to investigate it. I followed right behind. The room was very dimly lit, barely light enough to discern the colors the stuff in the room showed. I noticed two sets of beds and could see an athletic young man peer out of the sheets on the right bed. It wasn't Tebow, and the young man wasn't dead. To his left on the other set of beds lay Tebow, not very conscious of the situation and we could finally see he was still alive. The woman reporter got talking to him and was quickly drawn in. He said something like "you want to spank happy?" and she said "sure" and proceeded to get on top of him and rub her genitals on him while both were still clothed. In the bed Tim was in we could tell another person had been in it. what they were doing? Maybe they were "spank happying". Any ways Tim I know you've gotten freaky with at least a few girls.
The visual part of the dream ended after that. Tim didn't want to believe that what he was doing wasn't anything but good fun. As we continued to speak he finally took his glasses off and said "well ok". Maybe he was taking off his "skepticals"? Any ways after he said those words I was on his right meaning he agreed with me. Tim, take your focus to being godlike with the women if you want to represent him with dignity on Sunday.

Tim, tell the audience how many times you've comforted naughty women in a naughty ways?
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 25, 2012