Dream With Tom Cruise

It's Tom Cruise. He made an appearance in what was a relaxed and enjoyable dream. I arrived at someone's house through what appeared to be a rear or ally way entrance. I was met by Tom Cruise and I could feel one of his children was present. He asked if I needed a ride somewhere and I agreed affirmatively. I got in his vehicle and we started driving. He was the nicest guy and I remember feeling there's no way I wanted him to die. We cornered the house through a narrow fence to get out to the main road. The space between the house and the fence near it was very narrow for a car to fit but he had perfect spatial recognition. I could feel he loved to drive and could feel the confidence he had in his ability to drive.  This might sound a little silly but I've never enjoyed being driven around by anyone more than I had with Tom at the wheel as I did in this dream. He had peaceful and relaxed energy and I could feel he was a responsible adult. No doubt any one would want him to drive them around but good luck because he'd no doubt be one of the most expensive chauffeur in the world.  I think he thought I was just a young child not much older than one of his children. Not a lot of people I've met are as considerate about people close to him as I noticed Tom had been.

Any ways he's the kind of guy you want around when you just want to feel the peace of having someone that enjoys playing the role of father figure and enjoys feeling the peace that comes from giving his time and effort to people that he treats like family.

When I spent time in the dream it felt like he felt perfectly at peace in his time off from acting and noticed he was at a stage that he realizes some of the smaller things in life are a lot bigger and more important than his Hollywood acting rolls.

And the last tidbit I got from the dream I could tell he likes to be somewhat of a wild man sometimes.

Any ways, Love you Tom. The people that don't want to care about who you are as a human can take a hike as far as I care.

Also if I feel someone is going to die there is a large chance they will. No one will take me seriously until there's some loss. I just hope someone who knows Tom will get in touch with me. I can't be stirring up fear. I could ask God or someone else what's in his cards that might lead up to that outcome.  Too many people have been eating chicken sandwiches and not taking me very seriously.  I'm discouraged from getting in touch with well-known people to show them what I know because I never get any love back. They think it interesting but don't take me seriously.  I may ask someone in the next few days what's in his cards the next time I'm asleep.

Tom has adapted to what I've written. He got a little mad last night so I pulled him out of his body for a little bit. It's over when you want it to be over, Tom.

Last night Tony Todd said "I can't believe you said that, kid". Said what Tony?

All the while Jessica Biel continues to be tormented by words I told her were told to me from someone beyond the veil "without your love, she will die". I got to see a snippet of her dream last night where she was in a building with a madman that cut off her head while just watched her get defiled by the guy at the same time. She was screaming in terror.
People need to stop being afraid of self fulfilling prophecies given by witch doctors and self proclaimed wizards that know how to do a little "source"ery. I'm tired of watching from a far Jessica being tormented by the words given to me. How do I show my love? Through service. Even feeling concern for someone helps show a little love to that person. I can show my love through service. The most important thing I did was provide energy and emotional support from a far to help prevent her from ending her life last April 2011. That was an important victory for her.

I hope people decide to stop getting mad at me because I know things they're not willing to let me teach them.

Update 6-3-2012
You like that Tom? I wrote this without even knowing that your mother had died. I wager Tom was left emotionally weakened by the event, contemplating death and perhaps was concerned that it might take him next. Now he gets to enjoy the fact that he's a master of his own destiny and doesn't need to check out until he wants to. Did I get you going? If not, did I get your subconscious going at the time? Did someone tell you about this before the night I popped out of your body? Did you have an out of body experience or something similar to your recollection? Any ways I hope we get to have a little fun sometime in the future.
8-22-2012 Briefly edited the article.
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May 25, 2012