Dream With David Wilcock

Early Monday morning (5-28) I had a dream and David Wilcock decided to show up. Before he showed up I had been focused on someone I knew from my youth that was incredibly brilliant with paper art. Using construction paper she was able to make a perfectly formed elf outfit from scratch, no designs or patterns. She used 1 pair of scissors with perfect cuts, no tracing the shapes ahead of time. She obviously had excellent spacial recognition. What she did in this dream wasn't an easy thing to do by a long shot. After I enjoyed viewing her talent I switched my attention to music. I began repeating a Mariah Carey song that fit the part for the situation. I know her musical messages resonate in the hearts of a lot of people but women usually favor her a little or even a lot more then men. The spirit has great projection power and I was able to nail the rhythm and lyrics. I guess I was feeling a bit gay, maybe because I was in the presence of a few women. The excitement that was being generated was enough to grab the attention of David Wilcock who thought to contribute with his nack for music by singing one of the songs he loves. I don't know what it was but it sounded a bit old fashion like a song from the era of Edgar Cayce, the man he believes he was in a past life. He was in a room made of stone. The reason why he loves stone constructed buildings is because the energy of stones that have been energized by natural energy available in the Universe (like as he talks about can be energized when placed inside a pyramid) can affect the people around them in some important and effective ways. Once energized according to a few studies people around them feel an increase in peace and focus, health and joy, intellect and focus. These things occurred for people that spent time in buildings made out of those "Charged up" stones. David has a desire to construct and live in a house with these energized stones to appreciate the health effects of them. I wasn't too pleased he show up when he did because the music he was singing didn't have even half the glory of the song my friends were enjoying. I had asked him if he wanted to collaborate at one point in time through his website and he didn't even give me the time of day. Knowing the work I can do on this planet and the things I could bring to his life to raise his game I just haven't been enthusiastic enough to watch his content after that. It's not wise to blow off a guy that knows he can be a giant with a little more time, effort and focus. I know because God let me know the work I was put on the earth to do when I was 19 and in order to do it I'll have to become a giant.  I still need to get off the ground but when I do I'll be able to appeal to a much larger audience than David. He will always have a unique following because of his study of the stars and the universe, apparent Black government contacts he corresponds with and his knowledge of psychics and mysticism.

Having little emotional energy to spend David picked the perfect time to drop in because I was unable to produce enough energy to throw him through his stone wall. I was only able to get his left had to go through one of the stones a little bit, which he pulled back. I like to mess around with people that want to show up in my dreams and don't realize the abilities God will require me to obtain in this life. David speaks of ascended abilities and the new era we're headed into but he's not smart enough to realize I'll have what it takes to understand them and replicate them once I can get my feet off the ground. I didn't try to send him through the wall like the hulk would in a comic book, I just figured to dematerialize the stones and send him right on through. Things in this dream played out the way that he wants to feel I'm capable of. David, I'll summon you into a dream once I have my strength and show you I'm not joke when I have the power I need. It's very difficult to shake together the support I need when no one seems to care. I get used to it, adapt, and don't stop giving to people that need my help until eventually God is satisfied with my effort and opens up the opportunities I need to really get my feet off the ground. If David knew who I was he'd be studying my life like a mad man. He won't know who I am until he scrapes together a lot more humility than what he has. He also thinks he is one of the fathers of our civilization. He thinks one of the guys that was alive in Atlantis was him and talks about how there is a common genetic link through that person and most of the people on the planet. What David needs to realize is how he's being played by beings that know if they tell him he was Edgar Cayce or this other being from Atlantis they're telling him these things because they know one of the challenges he has in his life comes when he falls back on to his Ego rather than the raw power of divinity. These beings love to see people battle and fail because they get distracted by thinking they are someone or were someone of great power, renown or ability in a former life. If I was some ancient or modern great in a past life (holding that we can have more than 1 life on the same planet) I could care less. What use does that have to anyone right now if I used to be someone great? Am I being as great or greater now? Thinking we were someone great in a past life is just a distraction engineered for people that need to fall back onto an idea that helps them feel dignified or important rather than learning how to summon this respect from people based off of real divine ability and genuine care for our friends and family.

Also David has read at least 1 of my articles and I don't understand why he's now talking about dream-state telepathy and socializing like it's science and he wasn't before I released content on it on this site. I understand he studied dreams and he explains he's written down most or all of them in the last 10 years but in all the videos I've listened to and studied I hadn't heard anything about this until a video released a few weeks ago. Using my knowledge of the course field I learned that David thought I should get my content out but then he changed his mind. Whether it be because he doesn't like me or some of the content, I don't know. I began to speculate the best thing he thought he could do with it was capitalize on some of the conclusions I came to.

David if there's really only one of us here what value does that statement have if there isn't great interest in being like you or like Mike Tyson or like Charlie Sheen? I think that statement is another distraction to our fellow humans as an alternative to the focus of emulating the divine man that can do all things.

I wish we could have worked together but I could never work with your or for you unless you let me grill you to your highest threshold of evolutionary growth centered feedback. This wouldn't be just one conversation but would be in many.

My contents poorly edited and needs to be modified to appeal to a broader audience and to not alienate good people that I've talked about that have slipped up with their intentions as far as their social interactions with me in the astral plane have played out. I only put people on the spot so they can solve the problems originating in their hearts that constrict their growth and ability to feel lasting satisfaction with how their life has played itself out.

My last thought is your left hand isn't as solid as you might think if I could still throw it through those rocks with my mind. I learned this and the other things in the dream about David. The most important thing to him in his life right now is to experience joy through science, technology and music. Even though I'm not going to be too enthusiastic about David and his life for a while If everyone were to use the life approaches I saw about him in the dream the spiritual climate of the planet would be perfect for growth.

Update 6-1-2012: Edited and revised the 1st draft of this article (which was poorly written and punctuated).
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 31, 2012