Calvin Johnson’s Hidden Secrets

Little do people realize but Calvin Johnson actually lives up to most or all of the hype he gets as a genuine team player.

I had a dream with him in it and here’s what he let me read about him:

He gets into what I call “the zone” where producing for the team becomes bliss and satisfaction. He maintains a steady high (much better than me and most competitors I know) from producing for the team. His other secret is that he actually enjoys when his team relies on him. It’s not like he gets shaky in the legs when it comes to performing but his attitude is closer to being like a stress free guy that smiles and says “I’ll take care of it”. Imagine walking into a store, asking for help and the store attendant grins from ear to ear and says without hesitation “I’ll take care of it”. Just wait a satisfactory amount of time for your product or service and you’re good to go. Understanding this scenario can help you have a better idea about how Calvin enjoys bearing weight and pressure for the team.

He also likes baseball. In the dream I had with him he hit a home run and I could feel the satisfaction he got from doing it. Oddly enough I couldn’t feel any ego present with it. It wasn’t like he was doing it to feel better than his teammates, he was doing it out of the sheer joy of helping his team. He is one of those rare people that actually knows how to “play for the love of the game” from his heart. Not a lot of people I’ve read display that same kind of energy. I mention it because many of the greatest seem to have this internal rhythm in their hearts. As long as Calvin can remain humble and focused he’ll continue to have a lot of success. Temptation will likely come(hopefully only small temptations) so as long as he stays focused in his spiritual climb Calvin will get to enjoy some sweet pickings and satisfaction from competing.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Sep 8, 2012