Celebrity Telepathy 9-13-2012

Deion Sanders is a happy man. Smiling and joking and being happy are 3 things you can't take from him and they help him to get into his own flavor of the "Zen Zone".
In my dream with him he contorted his body like a ribbon that was floating and facing right. I suppose I may have unraveled him pretty well in some previous articles. After the dream I could still hear him socializing like he was in a party, having one hell of a time just from the sheer joy of being social. He mentioned Rich Eisen before the dream ended. Michael Irvin appeared in it also for a brief moment also. Slip me some skin brother?

While in the dream Deion convinced me of another thing I hadn't been thinking too much about and that is that there are angels among us. Like one himself no doubt he is a shining example of how a person really ought to approach life.

Kevin Bacon showed up and complained about me saying I had a demon. "He has no _____. He has a demon". Fill the blank with a name that I thought I'd remember but didn't. If I said it 2-3 more times I surely would have remembered it.

He took it upon himself to communicate the super power he thought he had straight from his subconscious. From his subconscious to mine he confessed he is blind in his inner sight. Not much of a super power.

I prefer to be generous about what I say but the truth is some people don't want to communicate positive things about themselves but would prefer to tell me what their conscious self isn't valuing that they feel they ought to.

Tom Welling showed me he'd help me keep my right arm up, or rather he held my right arm up with his own showing his willingness to support what I can do. Logging, Tom? I can help you with anything and bring out your better performances and teach you some cool stuff that pertains to the metaphysical. Tom is one of the few that I sense actually wants to develop some of the powers from the unseen world. The promise I give to anyone is becoming expert with the source field will enhance your acting ability and life ambitions by at least 10%. Learning these things for myself helped me become about twice as grateful and appreciative of the small things in life like food more than I ever thought I'd be.

Someone will eventually get smart and hire me to solve anything they can imagine. Because virtually no one makes decisions based out of the source field people may be warm to me there but their conscious self can't stomach doing things that don't fit into what they think is normal. The "source field" is my crystal ball and I use it to see things before they materialize, know how people will react to me emotionally at future times, know what people need to grow as a being and as a tool to learn how the more mystical things work, like chi.

Mariah was thinking "quit playing games with my heart" as I woke up yesterday.

Ian McKellan believes he's had the "mark of the beast" in his forehead for the last 63 years. Is he talking about a bad habit that started when he was about 10 or something else?
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Sep 13, 2012