The Osmonds

Wowzers. Both of them showed up in my dream today(Donny and Marie). We started out spending sometime in what appeared to be a makeshift backroom and lounge. We sang about 5 church hymns together. Odly enough I wasn't seeing any notes connected to the words as we were singing but somehow I knew what to sing in harmony. I almost thought I should take advantage of the time, like it was an audition. The unfortunate problem was that I hadn't really warmed my voice up so it was a bit crackly. We didn't do much in the dream after that, we just sort of hung out and had fun. I got some time to sit down with Donny in a few circumstances and had a few up and close conversations. The dream transition from a few different backdrops as the day went on. One dream we found ourselves in a wildlife area and all the animals were non-hostile. A turtle walked by, not really fearing anyone. A young boy with light hair, somewhere between about 6-10 also showed up and as I was sitting down decided to dump some shampoo in my hair and rub it in. I had just gotten out of the shower so it was kind of a downer. Donny Treated him like his own son. We found ourselves at an airport at the end, needing to travel to another place. We got in line at the airport and we decided to go to another meeting so we got in line to wait for some airplanes outside of all places. He flagged down a private jet to come to our aide. It was a large jet that appeared even larger than a 737. we sat with him, Marie some of his family and a few of my family members like my dad, sister her children and someone who I think was my step cousin and their children.

I could tell Donny wanted to sit down and have some alone time with me to get to know me a little more.

As I walked down the Jet towards the back i didn't know where I should sit but felt impressed to sit down towards the back. I was about to sit down where I could see an open spot and low and behold Donny had sat down right next to where I was going to sit but got up because he decided to sit in a place that would group our families together. So I sat down in a different seat and Donny came over and decided to reserve a part of the jet so we could sit on the jet as a family. He and Marie and parts of their family as well as my dad, my sister and her children and what appeared to be a step cousin who had some children all sat in about the same area. Where we were going? Almost felt like a Sunday meeting.

I wanted to tell Donny my 'secret' (or rather about my birthright I learned about when I was 19) but I didn't want the rest of his family to overhear it and didn't get the opportunity within the dream.

Nothing much to it, not a lot of content, just a leisurely spent day or 2 that almost felt like a weekend with some odd situations and shifting scenes in the background.

As I was meditating about the experience on the private jet I touched his mind. He had his nose pinched between his fingers like he didn't like the smell of it. Then I heard the word Frugal. Suggesting that he wouldn't use his money to transport another man's family he said "none of that's true". So what I derive is that his mind is in flux about where to draw the line when it comes to helping other people. Does he use a lot of his money to shower affection on a comrad that he's hanging out with or does he go the more frugal route to conserve money for his retirement or family? When he said none of it's true I know it means neither of the two concepts seem to fit in quite right.

I'm sure he knows where the data falls. I can unveil more but I know people are sensitive about me discerning the depth of their heart.

What he did want to talk about was the attributes of an anti-Christ. He mentioned this several times, insisting I talk about it.
The attributes of an Anti-Christ depend on how extremely anti-Christ he is. There is great depth to the bottomless pit, and that's why it's called a bottomless pit. There is no end to how evil you can be because the more evil you are the deep you dig the hole for yourself. Each evil act adds to the hole.
The Anti-Christ mentioned in Revelation will be as extreme as imaginable. They talk about him going into perdition which is a place without light. He will no doubt be persuasive, an expert liar, and a wolf in sheep's clothing among other things. People will not believe the guy or want to follow him if he doesn't have some things they view as amiable. Pure evil people just don't last. Hitler was as close as they come to gain as large of a presence on the world scene it appears this anti-Christ will have but to follow a man so openly evil yet once again would seem a lot less likely.
He will spend many years gaining the trust of people. People in tune with the source field can ask for the number of his name to verify it once he hits the world stage.
I'm impressed to suggest that he will be a homosexual.
These are the only thoughts I want to write about at this time.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Nov 30, 2012