Be Careful About Time Travel On The Astral Plane.

The Astral plane. Sometimes I see what you're thinking, somethings I see what you're feeling and other times I'm just observing a viable theme for your life

Before I start the article, here are a few things to consider or that I'm curious about.

Someone is too afraid to talk to me directly so they use telepathy instead. I heard some of my outbound communications (when someone is talking to my spirit) without hearing what they were really asking. One I caught before I wrote this article was "go check"

I wrote this article and just as I posted it I heard Justin Timberlake laugh, kind of like Nelson from The Simpsons.

People that are too afraid to say hi to me through ep or some other means (particularly if I have already made contact with them), I usually just ignore.

In the last few days Scarlett Johansson's energy touched my mind and each time I focused on her I got the words "freaked out". Who freaked out about what?

Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons and his s_ _ _ _t_r y?

Ellen Degeneres, Alice in Wonderland monday evening? Feeling a little disoriented?

Also on the astral plane Aaron Rodgers complained to me about how I wrote about him after one game, like I must have done it multiple times. "yada yada yada you write your spiel yada yada..."
Lol. Come on Aaron, everyone complains about something but come on man. That was only one game and it was because the offense (with Aaron at its head) played terribly... I thought a few good pointers would help you out and the next week the team won and the offense stepped it up a bit. Whether or not me breaking you down helped any would be hard to ever prove.

At any rate be careful what you conclude about someone on the astral plane, as time travel (or the illusion of it) appears to happen quite often.

If you hear exact dates that don't correspond with the now then be cautious about what you do with the experience and what you assume it can do to correspond with your life.

People I talk to are living in the past I suppose as 2 of my family members cited earlier dates (2001 and 2003) in some odd conversations.

What a person says that can't be discerned literally is encrypted in symbolism for a reason, and often times only 2/3 clues are presented, making it difficult to understand a more 3-dimenstional view what he's speaking at and trying to get you to understand or help him understand.

When it happens and you don't know what it means but want to do a little investigative research then write down what was written and send it to the person and ask them their subconscious gave them a riddle or a problem and that filling in the blanks might actually help them to understand something about them-self.

We can't get out of the veil and hit that next level of intelligence with any confidence until we understand the language of symbolism any ways. Understanding this language and the context of what is spoken is a key component to open up our creative center within us, if we take the time to understand what things mean that were communicated.

We can use the astral plane to learn some unique or odd things about some people but before you conclude the thing was a recent development, value, attribute or other thing... Time travel check?
Time travel check and make sure you understand the symbolism, if there is any involved in communicating the point being communicated.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 4, 2012