Choose Your Own Adventure... Or Chose Your Own Dream

There are multiple fields you can spend time in as you sleep and and the visual overlay you see appears to be the one your subconscious decides is more relevant.

As I slept last night I learned this interesting truth.

While I was asleep I found myself in a dream in a home where some people and I were hanging out. Someone wheeled a cubby box (about 3 feet by 3) over filled with candy. It didn't have a lid and it wasn't accessible through the top, but through the side and there was a board about 7 inches wide covering the far right part of the opening so things could be set in it and reeled around without falling out.

Of the candy in it the only ones I really recognized were kitkats and reese's peanut butter cups. Before the Reeses were added the box had grown a bit thin of candy bars. I was one of the first to be treated with a candy bar among those immersed in this dream and there was a single, unwrapped kitkat "log" about 9 inches long and 3 inches high and the rest of the dimensions perfectly similar to a kitkat, deep brown and ready to be consumed.

On the astral plane I don't hesitate about eating stuff there as I know I'll never get a sugar high and my body won't suffer from consuming too much.

I picked up this herculean kit kat bar and began to munch it down. it being about 3 inches high meant it barely fit into my mouth.

I could feel the vibration of it. When I've tasted things in my dreams I taste the vibration so it's like tasting something with the soul, rather than the mouth.


Any ways I was sitting on a couch while I ate and then my body began to wake me up out of the dream as I had only consumed about 1/3 of the bar. I decided there was no need to wake up entirely so as I waited without the visuals and the taste of the candy bar a few moments later I sank back into the same setting where I was eating the kit kat bar yet once again and by the time the dream resumed It was more than half consumed.

From this I've conjectured that dreams go on regardless of whether or not we're present, more than one person can experience the same dream and their roles and location can also overlap (like spirit possession, particularly when 2 or more people are in the same or similar state of mind during the dream).

After I finished this behemoth of a kit kat bar, somehow me coming back to the dream enabled me to see another experience that was happening simultaneously. I saw a couple people sitting near each other, one in a love seat looking chair, the room was a lot less dimly lit and I could tell there were having a separate experience at the same time. It's hazy now but I recall shifting from a similar situation in an earlier dream.
I had to chose between one situation and the other. I just got fed a gigantic candy bar in one so why wouldn't I chose it? So I focused back on the previous dream and like passing through a small curtain of water I was immersed back in the original dream, cubby in front of me, various people hanging around and the cubby about to be restocked with more candy. I decided not to take much more candy, although there was ample opportunity for me to take advantage of the situation. Even if I'm hurting I don't want to take opportunities from other people to enjoy some good "astral" candy. I didn't think that the stuff wasn't real in this dream, I played along and acted as I would consciously and didn't take more than I thought would be a fair amount.

Multiple dimensions we choose our dream, our mind chooses the dream that best fits it, we may have other dreams or situations that are marginally similar or interesting to us. Sometimes we may be in one dream over another based on who there is to hang out with in each. The second "overlay" I noticed I could feel like at least 1 person in that dream would love me to join them.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 7, 2012