The Bushes Showed Up.

I wasn't expecting to leave my semi-retirement but the bushes showed up last night. The whole family.

I started out speaking to George Bush jr. He was relaying some of his experiences as a human being, and not really the government. Among his experiences he showed me a time he visited Utah when the gas prices were about 3 bucks a gallon. There he visited a church building. He said he got married in the building. Not understanding what he mean (he's been married well before the 2000s) I had to try to guess what he was alluding to. "you were remarried at that time to re-solidify your bond with your wife?" To that he answered affirmatively.

Ok. I don't know how vested in that response I really am because I had to fill in the blanks to try to understand what he was communicating.

In the dream several people were coming down hard on him for being in the oil business, referring to it as Gold they thought was corrupt to drill for. He didn't really think much of it like it was just something he found himself doing because the family was into it.

So I asked him if he ever struck real gold (IE the bright yellow orange looking metal) while he was drilling and he didn't quite bite on to that insinuation because he was still thinking I was talking about oil "black gold". After repeating my question a few times he realized what I meant. He didn't offer a definitive answer except he thinks they did on one occasion.

Shortly thereafter he showed me a view from his perspective as he was talking to me. I saw him come to a secure door (like from a facility from within the earth). He opened it up and outside was a government official (looked like a general) with about 3-4 soldiers. The Official wasn't very polite and it sounded like they were ordering him out of the shelter. Whether it was a survival shelter or another type of facility, I don't know but the door looked water tight, like the kind on a submarine or oil rig.

As I saw him coming up from his viewpoint I was almost fearful because the facility and circumstances looked a bit eerie. Bush Jr wasn't too fearful at all, coming up like he knew he had to.

So I found myself in a vehicle, the back seat in a 8 seater sedan. George Bush jr, George Bush senior, his wife and someone that appeared to be Jr's wife all got in. Bush Senior's wife looked about 30 years younger, or at least the person appearing as his wife was projecting that image. Dub-yah was even willing to sit in the middle, he really didn't care that much. Later George Senior joined me in back with his son, leaving his wife and the other young lady in the row ahead of us. George Sr wanted to talk and take a photo. I asked them if they had ever time traveled and Sr said "yes". I asked them if they did it to change history and he said "no". I asked them this question only after I explained time travel was possible in dreams. Minimally he believed he's time traveled before, even if it was only while he was asleep.

I asked them what the date and a young woman (brown hair and kind disposition) said May 5th 2012. She got out of the car and asked me if I wanted anything for my birthday. I thought "wow, someone actually cares". Thinking about what I needed I just asked if they could give me a little extra spending cash. This young woman said "they come with up to 700$ so how does 400$ sound?". I couldn't complain. That 's a lot more than anyone I know would spend on a gift.

She got out. I don't know who this woman was. I thought it could be George Jr's wife (projecting a much younger image of herself) but it didn't quite seem like the same energy of his wife.

Cinco De Mayo? I didn't do much that day this year, I didn't even celebrate it.
And no, I'm not Mexican.

The photo that Bush Jr and Sr took with me in it I held up a peace sign. Then I held up another with my other hand, thinking it would fit the picture better.

Bush Sr's camera didn't have a flash and didn't make a sound as he snapped the picture so I wasn't sure if he was pretending to take one or his camera just works that way but he indicated when he was done taking it.

Not much substance to this dream. The bushes might be able to derive some from it though, based on their knowledge.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012