What Dream Channel?

I can't help it. Writing can be quite liberating.
What channel did you turn to to dream last night?

Like a television the energy of your subconscious could be part of the drama or dream of anyone you know or knows of you.

People let out their true desires while dreaming so pick your poison.

If your 'higher self' is making the decision about the channel to tune into then it truly chooses the interactions that it decides are a best fit. This doesn't mean the dream is anything more than a simple, egg-filled slug fest or an exhilarating ground breaking symphonic virtual-reality where you have your life's most important epiphany revealed.

The dream you tune into will appear very real and practical sometimes and other times the symbolism is so deep that it will be hard to understand the message within it, even if it is as vivid as a desert overwhelmed by a sun scorched sky.

I'm glad there is a place online where we can let it all out--inhibitions barred. In reality people have some issues that come out in their dreams and this is why their appearance is often veiled.

I had an interesting dream this morning only a few moments from sunrise.

I was making my way down a road and a young woman appeared, making her way along the road with a very early, pre-sunrise run.

she slowed down a bit and I decided to provide some company for her. I got to see her house, or rather the house she projected in her dream. The road was through a countryside, paved road but her driveway was gravel. we came from the right of her house towards her driveway on the left. She had a side door she chose to enter her house through.

Her head was masked with cloths. Yes, it look like a shirt wrapped around her head so I couldn't tell who it was.

If you can't handle what some adults do then don't read forward. I write it because it has interesting insight to my own personal dream study.

At her side door / back door there was an overhang. She didn't have a lot to say or talk about but she did want a kiss. I played along and let her kiss me. It appeared to match her mood and she summoned me into a sexual situation. I escaped the visuals of the dream as it was time to wake up but I tuned back into the dream to feel what was happening. in a matter of moments she was playing out her desires. I didn't do anything to stop her. By the time I refocused my energy she had already began copulating with me. I wasn't doing anything, it was just her energy on mine and her vagina had some kind of suction ability and was massaging my penis. All the while she was saying "Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh!" I could feel it, it was pleasurable and almost caused me to climax. I pulled my conscious mind out of that experience a little before I could get there.

It was rather odd she'd choose those words. Not very romantic words but I think she just thought to keep things appropriate.

Despite being ready to wake up I shifted my conscious mind back into the experience to see what was occurring. I realize now that just about anyone can probably project their self having sex with me. I didn't initiate and I didn't have to make any effort either.

The way this edified me was it helped me to realize 2 things: I virtually never pursue women, citing they either have too many problems, they need to grow, I find myself interested in one that hasn't gotten over her control dramas or some other reason.

I'm not gonna get with any women that thinks she ought to reserve the right to cause a lot of drama in my life or be anything but a mature, caring woman that considers her climb with divinity to be a top priority. And I can discern this through and through with anyone.

This makes the number of women that are really mature enough for me to be next to nil. The ones that are I either haven't met or they're married or there just isn't any real connection between myself and her.

I'll have to meet an exception and then I'll do a little pursuing.

Would be funny if the girl was saying "oh my Dog, oh my Dog!!" Because guess what? If you're not willing to show your face then you've got something to hide and it could be just that... your dog!! Or rather her inner dog. Sex just because I accompanied her at the end of her walk? Lol...

I hope to find out if it can be good to "know" my wife on the astral plane before we get married. If it is then I'm sure we'll love us up something like in this dream.

If I thought a woman was a winner enough to pursue her sexually then I guarantee she'd have to be one helluva woman, but on the other side of the coin I play by the rules of the game so if something is damaging to the eternal structure of the family I just don't go there.

Another thing this experience iterates was how un-hot it is to get with doggy women or those that have something to hide.

So remember your mind flips to the dream that you can gain the most from. You can use the experience to remind yourself what to focus on or where to re-focus a part of your life. Dreams are a reminder of where were are in our spiritual climb and where we observe other people are.

So remember you can shift your conscious mind to a different dream while dreaming but the reason why you'd want to change the channel from the most interesting tv show or drama just doesn't make much sense, and this is why I believe people never bother to. I'm gonna practice it a little more but only if I get a number presented to me that suggests there is another dream taking place that's about equally interesting.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012