Some Astral Thoughts And A Few Celebrity Appearances.

Catherine Zeta Jones says she can heal me. Straight from the astral plane. Healing powers? Wowzers. Maybe she means she wants to kick me down some dental work and a bio-modulator.

Job? I can work hard. Got an interview for one that will be about 20$ an hour and I think I nailed the interview because it's what I've spent more than 5 years doing, customer service and tech support. If I'm not a pro at it then I can't think of anyone else that would be much better.

Faith Hill doesn't really think I'm that crazy the last time I got in touch with her there. She likes monster trucks. I saw her get into a big one and I could feel how much she savored it.

I saw Gordan B Hinckley in another dream. He was president of the LDS church. He was present at a meeting of leadership of some sort that appeared to be a government meeting. Grass Valley California had something to do with the meeting. Out of all the people in the room he was the only one with an aura showing. His was blue, not much different from the lighted color of a blue light-sabre but a deeper hue of blue that looked more like a deeper sky blue. Why he was there, I have no idea. I don't think his appearance was anything more than symbolic.

I've never seen someone show up in a blue aura though, so that's why I'm mentioning it because I suppose it may come in handy as dream study at a later time. Perhaps it's to highlight his personal spirituality.

There is so much I get on the astral plane from other people. I like to filter out the things that appear to begin and end at belief. Some of the things we believe in may or may not be true.

Someone believes Gas prices will hit 6$ / gallon in the not so distant future. If this isn't a mega screw over, I don't know what is. In all reality if the petro tycoons cared at all they'd let us sell zero point energy and over-unity power generators for personal and conventional use. Water powered vehicles? Everyone should have one. Their have been so many successful inventions that accomplish this.

I'll mention Bob Lazaar because I got to learn first hand that he's legit. His experience with non-terrestrial UFO vehicles was legit. It was real. He spoke of the experience he had as being involved at a secretive military operation at S4, as the most valuable experience he's had in his life. I could tell he was purely sincere.

Clifford Stone is another who knows his experience in secretive government operations is pure Gold.

I can use the astral plane to verify accounts that are intrinsically connected to people and separate the experiences that are artificial.

Speaking of water powered vehicles someone mentioned in this article has a few of his own.

The best way to verify someone is legit in a non-discrete way is not to pray to God to know if he's telling the truth but to pray for the person that they may receive health and support in their life to stand for the right thing and for support being a divine being. When you word it in this type of way you'll likely get a dream or astral interaction that will confirm the legitimacy of their account.

So my count on the fringe so far is at: 2 confirmed legit, 1 confirmed as someone making stuff up.

Holly Marie Combs feels condemned about something she's learned to be true.

"More than 1 grams per ton." Of gold that is! as someone spoke to me about and I could have sworn it was Justin Timberlake.
Speaking of Justin Timberlake "Careless Whisper" was his song of the week. This is what he 'transmitted' to me a few times.

"your toes?" "you're toast"? Justin was trying to sound out what I was trying to communicate to him. I wasn't really trying to communicate anything about him, I just wanted him to say "YA TOWS KA" is what greedo says before he shoots han. Actually it was written out more like "ya ol-chka" but sounds a lot more like "YA TOWS-KA". When I focused on Justin a few times I was reminded of Greedos oddly flexible mouth. If only I could get him to do the greedo line straight from Star Wars I'd have gotten some jolly amusement. The only reason his mouth appeared similar to Greedos is because of the similarities of his energy field. This doesn't mean he has any tie to Greedos name, just needs his energy field to be strengthened through the atonement of Jesus Christ so his appearance straight from the astral plane will be a stronger one.

Lastly, you'll find that many people like to come up with some weird ideas to explain some of your own curiosities. One of them more recently was interesting about Gold and how it collects within the earth. According to him It comes into a cycle that starts with great heat within the depths of the earth, surrounded by various minerals into one part of a 'heart' of gold formation and then come out the chamber of its exit point after it has been tested, tried and heated through its own experiences within the Earth.

A tale from a true miner but the visuals will throw you off if what you are shown is something you think to be literal. The gold coagulated as if it was dripping out of the 'heart' I saw.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013