Helping Holly Marie Combs Jump Over The Bar.

Someone took some fear **** to Holly Marie. Doh! She was very troubled by what I said when I said that there is something she feels condemned by.

So let me explain.

We're condemned by our knowledge. Boss says: "Draw me a T!" You draw 1 line and then set down your pen. He looks at it: This isn't a T!. It's not complete.

Well a lower case i isn't complete until you dot it and a t isn't complete until you cross it.

The idea is that when you have knowledge about how to do something right or what you need to do to pull off a good performance in your life or some other way we can't deny that we can perform at a high level if we do something that bars our consistency.

It might be eating too much of something or too much of the wrong thing. It could be not getting enough exercise and you see a dip in your energy levels and aren't able to perform at previous high levels.

For instance, top body builders have a routine. They might be so polished with their routine (when to wake up, when to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements they take and what treatments they treat their body, muscles and joints to), all with the idea they do each thing to produce x% more energy, x% more strength, x percent more performance than if they didn't do those things.

Many people have observed just by the food we eat we can feel vibrant and energetic or slow, depressed and low energy, depending on the effects of what we consume.

I use this site to squeeze out of people some of their more mundane, sillier ideas about eternal life, death and eternity.

Suggesting what I did created a chain reaction for Holly to thrust her in to some new education, assuming she reads this article.

So just like anything else the best way to showcase talent, love and care is through performance. It's by doing something. On top of that there's always more we can do or more time we can spend to complete and finalize our behaviors and actions to make them as divine as we can.

There are some things that cut our performance down pretty bad and these things are often referred to as sin. Sin means shortcoming. We can be comfortable with poor performance but at the end of the day no one really gains much from a poor performance, especially our own personal satisfaction, if we care to perform well.

No need to be a fanatic. life is about being purely satisfied with what we do and pure happiness includes we avoid hurting other people and we increase in knowledge about how the universe actually works, and thus master our stewardship in it and eventually over it, like God!!

So don't bite onto the feat ****. Happiness comes by refining ourselves as individuals and our performance as divine beings.

When you approach the word 'condemn' it's an important word to define that we know where the data falls about something or how it works but we decide to ignore its function. Some people deny the holocaust, deny paying taxes, or deny changing their child's diaper only to their own condemnation. I don't judge, I just know the mess that comes from each.

Holocaust: too much evidence to prove this happened. If you deny it then at worst you'll be singled out as crazy. At least people will probably think you can't handle the truth and are a weak person. Not too big a consequence but you still have to live with the typical human reaction to it.
Taxes: I won't do anything about this but you give leverage to the IRS if you don't pay your fair share or haven't gotten smart enough to hire Mitt Romney's tax squad.
Child's diaper: If you don't change this when it needs to be you're going to have a huge mess on your hands when it overflows.

Different issues, different consequence, all with which we're condemned to the consequences of it.

So if you're condemned to an eternal consequence this means you won't be able to enjoy the opportunities or blessings of those who aren't until you change. God holds change for ransom. Life goes great when we adapt to good intel and wisdom and can be the dregs when we don't.

The great thing to realize is the opportunities afforded to you by having a body.

The spirit is the driver, the body is the battery. It's a battery for Joy and happiness. Store up actions that are clean and good and your battery gets filled with happiness and joy. Store up the opposite kind of actions and it will have the opposite effect and you'll be filled with misery and despair.

Just try to be happy. If something in your life makes it hard for you to be happy then figure out how it works and how the smartest people approach it in order to maintain happiness.

Hope it helps, don't take anything you don't understand very seriously. If you get smart enough to dissect it to see how it works then you'll have all the more advantage over people that don't.

Sylar! from Heroes! Be like him except for the evil part!
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013