A Metaphore Of Dream Socializing


Michael C Hall?
Julie Benz?
Pierce Brosnan?
Donny Osmond?

People that impersonate the law?

All appeared after the infiltration of Michael C Hall's house.

At the beginning of the dream, I was the first to show up. His backyard wasn't complete, his patio needed some cleaning. There was dirt between the cracks and...
Well before I get into the nitty gritty
I showed up as a friend, Michael was there. We made it through the door of his house only for us both to realize a few thieves were about to show up to take control, dresses like law enforcement.

I knew they were criminals but as they showed up and Michael hid in a place in his house (I thought he might try to escape it through some secret exit), I was left abandoned on his patio only to see the few thieves dressed as law enforcement show up. They saw how I was dressed and thought I was a thief that showed up only a few moments before, to take advantage of an empty house. Without really realizing it I realized I was disguised in similar clothing. A black switch blade I had was a tool I found myself with that fit the part of the pretend role as thief I was playing, enough to convince the thieves that showed up that I must just be one of them. Smiling, they greeted me as if to applaud me for my craftiness.
Michael was hiding in place that I didn't even know of so he called Julie Benz to show up to pretend he was absent and that she was only present to make sure his house was treated with respect. Just give it some respect. Little did the opposition to his prosperity know that Julie was in communication with Michael the whole time as his confidant.
I don't know why I decided to but I took out a hose and started to clean his patio. I did it right in front of his antagonizers and they didn't protest. Give a demoralized man's house a little respect? They weren't against it.

At any rate I could see a place was set aside for a hot tub. Was he hiding on the water? Clearly not I could see as I walked by.

People and celebrities started to show up in masses to his backyard, all present for a feast to celebrate such a unique house. Donny Osmond was one of the first. I saw him show up to assist getting things together. It appears he might also be a fan. When he showed up I couldn't help it, thinking, "Hey, you're Donny Osmond". I could feel his energy as real as if he were present. The party committee didn't feel they needed his help to really set things up as there were at least 3 of them collaborating to put on a good show.

I saw all kinds of foods from exotic sea food to muffins, unusually exotic hot dogs to chicken legs. One of the items on a table required a weird contraption to eat that looked like scissors. One end of a piece of flesh through one of the prongs of the scissors and the other end through the other. I didn't want to feel like a free loader and wasn't sure if the food was for people at the table or anyone that wanted some. I spoke with an old man who I could tell was responsible for putting this good food together and asked him if I could grab a few of the pieces. He pointed out a few good looking pieces of meat, a honey mustard hot dog. (By the time I picked it up it turned into a chicken leg) and some of the aforementioned scissor-pronged fish. I suppose the old man at the table is someone who has read a thing or two of mine on Experience project. Honey mustard, hot dog, chicken? What do all of these have an association to?  Honey mustard - yellow is often noted to be the color of confusion. Honey might have a connection to his spouse or former spouse. Is he a Hot dog and too chicken to confess it?
I wonder what James Cromwell would have to say about this kind of analysis.

Fine dining? The table was full of all sorts of other exotic foods, a lot of which I've forgotten about. Pierce Brosnan couldn't help himself. He knows how easy it is to show up to an exotic meal and eat for free because of the many people that take interest in him. I guess if you've got that 'it' factor then enjoy it. Not everyone is sought after as much. I could tell he was elated to test out these strange but exotic and well-presented foods. Their presentation was enough to convince him he found the right table.

This was just one table among many with very savor-able, appetizing foods to consume.

The dream ended not long after that.
The symbolism contained within it was about as deep as imaginable, all having ties to the people mentioned within it.

I've declared it! This was an interactive dream drawing info straight from the subconscious of the people mentioned.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 9, 2013