Dream Metaphors With Rick Harrison And Kid Rock

An idea I'm deeply vested in is the idea that dream socialization can have a direct connection to the natural rhythm of the subconscious of the people you interact with meaning their thoughts, the ways you socialize for them and the solutions they offer all originate from their own subconscious. You can ask them a question, play around in the sand, shoot some hoops in a dream and what occurs is often a direct reflection of their take on the experience.
Kid Rock and Rick Harrison came together for a dream of mine last night.

I'll break down the thoughts from each of them.

Kid Rock presented me with an elaborate ring. It had 1 large diamond, somewhere in the range of 3-5 carot. It was ornate with other stones that I could also see. I didn't know what they were but I saw about 3 brown gems in it... or rather 3 stones that whoever made the ring thought were gems. They were only about .5 carots in size each, each cut a different way and appeared they could each be different rocks all entirely. He didn't know their worth but obviously thought they'd be worth being made into a ring.

He asked me it's worth. I gave him my best answer, let me have someone that's more of an expert tell me what he thinks its worth. Kid Rock didn't give it to me so I had to describe it to Rick Harrison.

Before I talked to Rick about it Kid Rock said if Rick says it's only worth 1600 bucks then it's worth at least 2000, or something to that effect, believing Rick might want to low ball him. Has he watched the show? Rick tries to be as far and generous as possible for his business but in reality this is probably Kid Rocks way of saying whatever Rick offers, he'd talk up to a price at least a good 25% more.

He finally stated that the ring he had was nearly priceless to him and that he wouldn't part with it for anything under a million dollars.

So I went to talk to Rick about the ring.

Rick said it's probably worth somewhere in the 5,000 dollar range. I explained the brown stones and I had a concern as to whether or not it would lower its value. Because Rick didn't see the ring he thought for a second and then finally said "I don't know".

After the visuals of the dream were over (I had viewed a small dream-rendering of his pawn shop, with an unusually low amount of Jewelry in it as compared to the shop I'm used to seeing in his show) I asked Rick one more time about the ring, interjecting another variable. Impatiently Rick said "I don't know" again. The shop was dimly lit.

So here's the analysis. Before I proceed with it I'll suggest that when we interact with a person, what we experience is based on whats in their heart at the time being. They could shift the feelings in their heart in only 1 days time. 5 days later they may feel differently. All I believe is that what I experienced was a close quantification of what was in Rick and Kid Rocks heart at the time.

I just simply observe and offer support when I dream, virtually all the time. I think I'll go into "kill mode" if a I find a good women I feel connected to, especially for her amusement as a quality woman is going to prefer some kind of pursuit or additional effort from me. If she wants our first "bang" to be on the astral plane then I'll have to bite onto it. Dreams are different than reality so I'd have to help her achieve her fantasies here first. I know a quality women doesn't have fantasies that are too creepy.

So here's how I'd break down Kid Rock. He's got about 3 things that he believes have value but probably don't have a whole lot of value as far as his own personal life and perspectives are concerned. 1 rock shined a little bit (like a root bear candy), one was somewhat poorly cut and darker and the 3rd was in worse shape.

He was telling me that he gets satisfaction from "bidding things up" in a barter, meaning he knows he's not going to be satisfied with a transaction unless he milks it for its satisfactory worth. This is a way many people do business to avoid the dissatisfaction of getting low-balled.

Lastly he has things he values that he values so much that he wouldn't ever sell them unless the price was super-inflated.

Kid Rock and I would get along just fine as individuals. If there's something he likes that you don't, he might get a little annoyed about it but that's about it.

So now for Ricks analysis.

Dimly lit Pawn shop room? There was something about the room that felt dim to Rick, I imagine. It probably has something to do with only having stuff for sale that can't bring him in some good money. I say this because there wasn't a lot of jewelry present. More likely I believe this to mean his feelings about the pawn business could be dimming.

His getting impatient with me here just means he doesn't prefer to spend any time or dime on me. No new news here.

Don't believe you can learn things about people in dreams? "The Lord warned Joseph in a Dream". The Lord let's us use dreams as points of analysis for our lives. It is the best protection against evil people that I've learned about because we can see what people feel while dreaming, if we are attuned to it. God may just structure the time frame we operate off of to see the dream that helps us understand who is feeling what and when, when that thing is unfavorable.

At any rate treasure each bit of knowledge you get about the unseen world because there have only been a handful of people that have put together enough faith-based work to do what is impossible to most people, like speak to the elements, walk on water, levitate, fly, and if the John Chang video is real, start fire with your hands.

At any rate I only make claims that empower me and my vestment in dreams is the best sword you can use to separate bones from marrow for the individual in terms of things that are unseen.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013