With The Help Of Michio Kaku!

Baaaaatttter up!

I know some of my readers are looking for an article that may highlight one of their interactions or communications to me. Yep, even today. "Go, check" are a few words people want me to tell them. I spy myself projecting those words from time to time to a few people afraid to make literal contact, hoping their skills at telepathy ought to carry them on to the thrill they actually want. Rise up folks... don't be afraid to converse with me even if you feel you're only comfortable doing it as a smurf.

This article is obviously about Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku had a dream appearance last night. Perhaps he's heading to Nevada for some other undisclosed reasons. This morning I woke from a deep sleep into a dream. The topic at hand was the multiverse and multiple timelines.

I learned he's quite staunch on the conclusions he and his fellow scientists have come to, treating belief as fact. I only say that because I asked him what he felt about the alternative timeline that was being presented to me where there was a large body of water to the south of Reno and North of Tahoe. Was it Washoe Lake?

IT looked about half-way between lahontan Reservoir and Washoe Lake but it looked like a typical near oval-shaped lake (unlike Lahontan).

In a Previous dream a few hours before the final one I checked back with him I thought it could be Walker Lake. I checked with him for an image and I was able to confirm it was located closer to where I previously mentioned.

At any rate from the dream I had he was teaching me that mineralization that comes as a result of underground water flow patterns... that the one that the mineralization (or collection of nutrients) that flows longer is the greater path to take interest in observing or to study.

I saw several lines being make, each flowing from left to right.

He taught me this in one dream and when I fell asleep I confirmed this to him and he said "Good" like he was glad I got and understood him as his pupil.

In all reality the metaphor contained within the lesson was quite edifying.

Trickles of consciousness flowing from left to right, under the earth?

I imagine there was no metaphor intended my Michio, just one I want to "invoke" for the sake of a good discussion.
Some flowed in regular ground, the first starting north, the rest more southern. The first had a short mineral trail and the rest were longer. One of the lines I saw drawn flowed under a body of water that appeared to be a river.

The interest I have drawn from it comes after making the point that our paths of change make a mark on the earth.

At the end of the dream I was wondering why he was focused on these flows and what he thought the significance was.

When it comes down to mining Gold comes from within the earth and is leeched out of rocks along it's journy to the top, especially in Nevada where most the Gold comes from "vent" sources or rather comes up through geothermal activity. If Michio was really onto something more than just a weird idea about mineralization occurring through underground water flows I have no clue. He's a physicist, not a geologist but he may have knowledge of geology. Has he been trying to discern a solution for a problem pertaining water and how it flows in Nevada?

At any rate I woke up right after I heard him make his final statement: "With the help of Michio Kaku!"

Yes I'm sure Michio could help me but I'm quite timid to ask anyone to write me into their life or to find out how he can help me.

All I can say is if he's offering to help I'll take it! Just gotta find out what he feels is his flavor. Will he find this article?
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013