What Is Your Neighbor Feeling? Hrm Let Me See...

One of the most beneficial benefits to being master of the "astral plane" is seeing what your friends and loved ones are feeling.

Is it true? The most difficult point to make on this has to do with the flux state of what people are thinking and feeling. One moment they might be on cloud nine and a few moments later they've lost their mind.

People like to hear about positive things.

No one really likes a mind reader. No one wants me to prove to a large audience that I can use meditation to suss out what a person is feeling or going through their mind.

And for Aaron Rodgers: the woman that hired me for my new Job is a Packers fan. I'm here in Reno, NV. How do I know? The astral plane!! I haven't started my new job and won't till February 11th but when we get talking about the weird esoteric study I've vested in I'll have a fun card to play with her, like Jesus with the woman at the well.

Whatever I say it must be inspired... "Is it true you're a packers fan?" I might say but the better way to approach someone about something you see is to not unveil or hint at your mind reading ability. "Do you like the packers?" might be the better way to start a conversation.

How do I know it and what did I see?

Her energy field overlapped mine while I was sleeping in the morning. A fresh vibration was a topic of thought. I could feel her savor for the Packers. A person can't produce such a powerful thought unless it's for real.

Hrm Aaron is one among many people that don't know me who think a stranger asking for help must be crazy.

Lol. It's true. It doesn't matter how rich a man is with money, most people won't help out people they don't know and they probably won't want to know you even more if they knew you're in need of help. It's unfortunate that that's the way things are but who really has power any ways? God can materialize anything from the ethers of eternity but if you can't what power do you really have? The power to do work, share your talents and hope for opportunities that will lead you to the nest egg you just might be working for.

Who wants to pay for a Godlike dream appearance? I can donn my Apocalypse character for anyone that really cares. The power and Glory of God at its finest in terms of might for the first person that cares... or at least as close as it comes among mere mortals.

Bass voice? The best in the astral business, booming like a movie made real.

Telekinesis? Invulnerability? Flying? Super strength?

I'll have to put in the time for a person interested in an appearance just to show that dreams can be used to cross paths and promote oneself, as long as you finish what you start.

God will even promote you with the glory of his son if you spark his interest enough. He can swallow you in his energy field and for the conscious onlooker they won't be able to tell the difference between you and him.

Most people don't take their dreams seriously, though. The Metaphors, riddles and symbolism are only present to make you smarter.

At any rate the things that have caused me to drown the most occur when no one will allow me to serve them in a small way that I can.

Coldness abounds in this world and it wouldn't if only people lived lives in balance with the lifestyle of Christ.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 23, 2013