I Am A Dreamer

For as long as i can remember. The quite kid sitting alone in the garden that was me.

I was the odd one and still i am i do as my heart wills, not very exciting things mostly stupid and meaningless thing that were my treasures. The joy of climbing a Tree and sitting on a high branch where no one expected me i don't know the reason why i did that but i did and still do things that i don't understand why i do. Maybe they were because i never cared for reasons or trends i was a dreamer and gladly i still am.

Surely i have missed a lot of things due to being a dreamer and those that are or were dreamers will understand that, but i gained alot too.

Many people won't understand my gains as they are not material gains and certainly not gains in terms of relationships or anything quantifiable and i don't wish to explain any thing. Yes i do wish to share some of my little treasures the moments that I've saved by slowing down time.

Is slowing down time impossible ?. I never thought so or maybe my perception of time is different too. To freeze a moment you just have to look around you and calm your self down let the worries go away and let your mind wonder to the sight of things and surely you will slow time. In that frozen moment you will see the beauty of things small, Things that you've seen a hundred times but in that moment they will be new to you.

Impossible ? . Maybe for some but for a person who can dream nothing is impossible.

I've had dreams some stupid some understandable. Dreams change with time so what use is it to share something that maybe i won't remember tomorrow. As a kid my dreams were different and each day they are different from the previous but there is something similar a the feel of the dream. The beauty that inspires a dream. Beauty is constant at-least for me. Yes i may define it differently each day because deep inside i know i don't understand beauty. It is a thing too big even for a Human mind to get a grasp of. I don't try either to understand it as i am afraid that when i do it will cease to exist for me at least.

I know my Dreams won't come true not all of them they can't (They have in a way). I will lead a Normal life a life that no one will recognize or remember. My dreams won't come true. I will live a simple man's life but i won't leave my dreams for they give a joy that nothing else could.

I am a Dreamer and People think i have to change sometimes i do too but no matter how much i do i wouldn't trade it for anything.

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4 Responses Feb 18, 2011

I think you should be a writer. You have the soul of a person that has the ability to move people emotionally and that is rare.

You know, i think you're one wise dreamer!<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Always dream. If there were no dreams and no impossible ideas, no appreciation for beauty, no time freezing odd ones, maybe Everyone would be the same? I know you know about when to be awake and thats admirable.

Your words came from your heart. According to me, You just need to believe in yourself. That is the main thing. It goes a long way. I am happy for you and good to know there people living very simple life.

'Take your time or the time will take you', that's what I once read on a brick wall in a French city. An eternal truth it is. And yes, it is possible to slow down time. It is enough to be aware of the moment we live. And yes, that freedom in your heart is a bird that will never die and it will keep on inspiring you because you never know where its wings are taking you...