Just A Story

I dance in between the stereotypes... sing at the birds and smile at people... sit in the window with my guitar and make up my own melodies...and if you ever find somebody walking aimlessly in the park at midnight it would be me- because sometimes i wander in the cold lonely nights... so that i can let the wind do its magic and listen to the silence... i am the one who seeks nothing but is forced to seek on ...I carry the dreams- washed by the waves and dried by the sun to the moonlight...
    And in the winter I catch the snowflakes in my mouth. Who said that I am adult and they can´t do that?
Why do we always need a reason for doing something, why do we have to be serious?
 World is about that I want to hug you, be happy, jump in puddles and watch the sunsets and return home in the evenings with our shoes muddy and talk all night so that our words would reflect in our hearts...
We all have the ability to change moment into eternity, to cry from joy, from pain... cry to the very bottom.
   And sometimes I wonder- why doesn´t anybody see even if a piece of all this beauty? What are we hurrying for? Why are we hiding in the buildings and talk just for the sake of talking and smile when we don´t want to? Why do I feel emptiness even if you are having fun?
And  next time when I am wondering about the weirdness of this world, I´ll remember that there is someone somewhere who is wondering too... 
backpackfairy backpackfairy
22-25, F
Nov 7, 2011