Dream On!!

My whole life is made up of dreams.It helps me have peace of mind when the days get tougher and the world seems to get a littler more colder.I always dream about the future-and I even try to make it a reality everyday if I can- how my life will be like-thinking it's gonna be perfect and all.I dream I'll fall deep in love.But then again I'm always in love^^My artistry helps put my dreams and imaginations on paper that way I can kinda have a little pocket or book of dreams wherever I go.I may be unrealistic at times but it gets me through the day, a little more each time,thinking that my life is gonna get better as I grow to become more independent,more at peace with myself,wiser,stronger,and all that stuff.I try to stay bubbly or,mostly calm and cool around people I know or don't so they don't think I'm completely off the wall.But who says there's anything wrong with that hoping for the best in the world through your mind...DREAM ON!!!!
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2012

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I'm with you sis', dreaming is my escape from the real world too. It's just great to imagine yourself doing anything you want and I still think that If you really want something, you can achieve it with little extra effort.

never let go of your dreams!!! dream on!