~ a Big One Too ~

~ I love spending a quiet hour or even two dreaming about what I want, what I need, & how I want to be loved in my future. I dream of living in a cabin, surrounded by woods on 3 sides. Feeding wild birds, & playing with nature. ~

~ I dream of what my next lover might be like. I dream of not settling for less than I deserve (& I deserve PLENTY!). I dream of white christmases, beautiful crisp fall nights. Being wrapped up in my lovers arms & laying together beneath the stars. ~

~ I dream of having a best friend, someone who although don't "get" me all the time, loves me anyway & thinks I'm AWESOME! I still catch myself dreaming of my wedding, my marriage, kids, & the beauty of growing old with another human being. ~

~ I dream, & I dream............ & I wouldn't change it, not one little bit. ~

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Dreams are wonderful to have, take the steps to make your dreams come true, I do agree your don't have to just settle, you deserve all you dream..

Very cool.