Becoming a Drifter

For some reason I keep going from job to job, place to place. It wasn't until this year that I was called a drifter, I guess I can see it. When it comes to a job I help until I am not needed, before I quit I always ask my boss if he still needs an extra hired hand. When the work is done, it becomes my time to leave.

There's alot of good's and bad's that come out of doing what I do, you meet alot of people, you find that you have many many friends, and everyone seems to know you.

But there is a down side to not staying around in one place for a long time, you never get close to anyone, it keeps getting harder and harder to open up to people when you know your just going to be leaving in a month or two.

I have noticed that there is always a girl everywhere, maybe it would be easy to just pick any girl, but to me I am still waiting for the one I see when I clost my eyes.

Yes, I've become a drifter. I have found a love though.... the love of the journey (The Adventure) Its always changing, and I must admit. I love my life, no matter how many people tell me what kind of life I should live.

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4 Responses Aug 15, 2009

Yes, I think I understood what you mean, during the last years I have also been moving alone from city to city, from country to country. Sometimes I complain saying that I feel tired of starting from the scratch over and over again, blablabla. But in fact when my contracts are finished, I never took the decision of looking for a job excusively in one specific city, because I never had a strong (relation) or whatever which would make me consider to remain.

Concerning girls I really identify myself with what you say, I have met lovely girls along the path but it never happened to match with someone whom would make me stop.
Or either there are feelings from both sides but we don't live in the same ciy, or there are feelings but the characters don't match or worst, she is a really lovely person who wants you but you are not clear about your feelings, you are not sure if she is the one and you don't want to become attached or either drag a situation of which you are not sure about...

But in the end I also love the journey, to go with the flow, to learn more and more about life, human relations, my limitations, my passions, my purpose, being.

God bless

I am just realizing that I am a drifter as well. I just decided to get a traveling job.

I can see where you are going with this story. I am a drifter and have been since I was about 16 I am 34 now. I will probably never settle down. I have had many jobs in many different fields I work for awhile. But then something inside me says this isn't for me anymore and I become irritated and restless if I try to stay. I fear that someday this might make me crazy but I have to be who I am. I never let any job or relationship control my life. I tell the employers right from the start that I am only here for a while. I can see what you mean about finding the right girl but I think you should enjoy the girls as well, seeing many girls is just part of the fun of being a drifter. Maybe if you get lucky you will find one who will travel with you but you shouldn't expect it to happen. Alot of times another person is just a hinderance keeping you from enjoying being a drifter. True drifters are loners.Try to enjoy each opportunity as they come you only live once. There is a big upside to being a drifter because you get the chance to do things and meet people who you might have never met other wise who become closer friends than you might think. I have met many people while traveling who are close . Alot of times people dont help because they haven't been given the right opportunity to help or they are wrapped in their own lives and can't see what is going on with someone else. I as a drifter live by a set of rules I am able to keep my dignity this way. I never try to take advantage of someone. I do sometimes accept help such as shelter if things get too tough. I would rather work for food or money though. I never steal. And when someone does give me shelter I do everything I can to help them even if it means giving them my last cent or the shirt off my back because this is a blessing from god. I have learned that you shouldn't underestimate the kindness of the human heart. I have seen people who will taunt you for your lifestyle but then suddenly have a change of heart when they hear how it sounds coming from someone elses mouth. As for what you wrote about not being able to get close to anyone because you will be leaving soon I say don't worry about that. You should enjoy every aspect of being a drifter to the fullest have a free spirit and a free heart people will admire you for this trait in alot of cases. This is what makes us different from than rest of society. And try to live a good clean life away from drugs and alcoholism. Try to become close to god while you are drifting this will help during the hardest times to give you hope. Be hard working, honest, and kind to people on your journeys this will be an advantage also in finding help when needed. And don't let people try to change who you are. I believe that being a drifter and having drifting skills will be a valuable tool in the future as the economy is failing. And the more hardships you endure the more advantage you will have over society because we know how to deal with hard times where alot of other people don't as much. I hope that this message touches alot of people out there and gives them insight to what it means to be a true drifter. God bless and may you have many more adventures ahead of you.

i understand, its just something that i feel i have to live