We Who Can Comeback From The "drug Hell"

Hello boys and girls..!
Ya… I had been a Meth addict…
I started doing Meth at the age of 16 and I has been addicted to meth for 2 years. Before that I had heard about Meth from my friends, my guy..But I never thought that I would ever put it up in my mouth, felt it and addicted…

The first time I ever tried Meth was one day I had some problems with my teacher, my mother and my health. My parent had divorced, my mark got lower and lower, and the doctor said that i might die as soon as at the age of 20. Every thing was wrong and I felt my life had been collapsed...I felt so sad ..

Then I use drug everytime I had fallen down, day by day…It became my choice when I wake up and the last thing I think before I go to sleep..Meth had affected my health strongly and I can’t control it….I used…went on used ..All my money had “burn” for Meth….Sometime I used Heroin to change my felling and to cool off my drug hunger..

However, ....

Once time, When I tried to do Meth, my vein ruptured, I fainted.. Might I see the death…Then I wake up in the hospital, some thing was wrong with my health, the doctor said that I might be died. I felt scary, very scary, lonely and crazy, but I continued to use it. Because It made me relieved, gave me a few peaceful minutes, some thing happiness and warm feeling. And…Some where in me thought “I hope you die”..Nothing is valuable to me..friends, family, school...So I wanna die, very want….

But I didn’t want to die easily like that, I am a young girl, I had had many plans for my life, so I tried to get over it and come back with real life. I thought I will die in a " Battle Life” but not die by Meth..I got involved between my active and my thinking. Then My lungs was being worse, I got pneumonia..So hurt and I was so worry…The doctor said me to chose DIE by Meth or LIVE with a really life, and I decided to stop it, I thought “I can kick it” and tried to kick Meth out my brain..

However, It was so difficult because I had depended on Meth. It control my soul, my spirit and my body…I must spend many times, many determinations on giving up Meth…

And now I am a normal girl, no Meth, no cigarette, no addiction..Sometime I smoke cigars but NO meth or Heroin…May I not live longer than 20 years, but I had had a great battle to remember this life. It is no worth using meth and paying your future for anonymous felling. It may be give you something fly, something crazy. Give you every thing you want..But it doesn’t give you happiness, good heath, and really laughs..Giving up it like me and come back with our lIfe..Plz….!
Kandiagio Kandiagio
18-21, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Thank you for your story, it is a true inspiration. I do battled the meth monster for years. Had a big coke habit that started at 14. Though I have gave up the hard stuff I still trying to stop smoking weed, and I know if I don't I might lose my fam. So your story is a blessing.