Having Trouble

Umm I'm not on here to talk about what I've done but I am a drug addict and I've been in rehabs and jails and just two weeks ago I just got out of a rehab for juvenile addicts for 6 months (my second time at the same rehab) but I've already started back getting high and I just feel like talking about it but I'm embarrassed to call my counslers at the rehab because I feel like they expected it and I wanted to show them that I could stay clean but I guess I ****** that up if anyone has some uplifting advice it would probly make me feel better lol. I've been an addict since I was 13 and I'm 17 so if you know how I'm feelin or have overcame you addiction please share your secrets caus I wanna stay clean
Tc3214 Tc3214
May 19, 2012