How I Feel Pt.2

Hey whats up everyone, I'm feeling even better today. Today is day 4 of being clean off heroin and I used my last sub today and i didnt even feel I needed it so tomorrow i kno i will be fine, I feel soo much better each day its soo great to finally be free from the control of heroin. Im going to another N/A meeting tonight, I've been going every night with a good friend of mine which is also one of my support people. I am staying very strong and positive and just focusing on keeping my self busy around the house since currently im unemployed. I know its only my 4th day but i am proud of my self everyone starts somewhere no one just starts with 6months clean or a year clean you have to take it day by day just like I am. I have to go for now to get dressed and ready for my N/A meeting I will be back with one more post before bed. Thank you for your time and listing to me any comments or suggestions or questions are openly welcome, thanks for the support.. I'll keep in touch!
james117 james117
22-25, M
Jun 14, 2012