Not Much Interesting... Same Age Old Vices

My problems started when I first began to suffer from depression, smoking weed/herbal spices was already daily routine. But I liked it at that point. It went downhill from there, I found the legal stuff really hard to quit with. then I started taking mephedrone and valium. Usually with copious amounts of alcohol.

I don't want to go into more detail about the degrading and humiliating circumstances those poisons led me into. But I can say that I am now off mephedrone and valium, and that I don't drink alcohol anymore either. The weed and/or legal smoke is the only part I've kind of continued with.
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Do u even see a sober you? I'm sober right now but its only because I'm broke...and I mean down to pennies...I quit drinkin only because the spice kept making me throw it I dnt see a sober me for a while....

Not from spice and weed, no way. It keeps me going when I have nothing else to run on. But I'm just proud to be off valium. that stuff was a nightmare, especially when taken with vodka. Blackouts for hours at a time.

Yea Ive never been one to take pills, they make me sick bur I had to quit drinkin so much, I drank everyday my senior year n high school and then It progressed rapidly thro my early 20s leading up to my wrecked truck & Dui, glad alcohol doesnt have a hold anymore, ugh I need a cig tho!

Thank god I don't drive! Would've been a disaster. I had to cut drinking altogether, after I started blacking out all the time and getting violent and then suicidal..... And I just remembered that I need to find my tobacco =/

I've been rollin cigs all day, lol

I'm rolling one as I type this lol

Lol I kno we don't drink anymore but lets have a metaphorical round on me, I could use a buzz right now to take the edge off

Get me a double vodka lol I actually could do with anything right now. I have to wait until wednesday to get high.

Lol and a double jack for me, Friday for me, payday!

literally, i'm getting a few g of spice the moment I get paid. I need a bong soo bad =`(

Make a gravity, lol

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