So...Hi...I'm 17 and a former drug addict...

I've done almost everything there is to do and...I basically white knuckled it (in other words, rejected rehab and became clean on my own) and it's worked so far for almost 3 years (I'm going to be 18).

But because of this recent break up I'm going through...I feel like I'm slipping... My ex left me for his ex and yet he still wants us to be friends..and I agreed because I thought it would have hurt me more to have him push me out of his life but...I just...hearing him talk about her, seeing him post things about her on his twitter and facebook (things he used to sayand post about me..} and seeing him post pictures of how happy he is with just hurts so's only been like 4 days since we broke up but...i can just feel like my mind pounding away..begging myself to go shoot up or go snort something just to numb the pain and make me forget...

I want to tell him off and tell to **** off but I think the thought of wondering about him is would just be, too much...I mean I know he doesn't care about me now like he used to and I'm trying to stay strong's so hard...

Any advice...?
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You really have to look at what you've acomplished. It is so hard to quit but you did it. The devil wants you back and he's trying to temp you. Ask yourself why would an amazing girl like yourself want someone that doesn't want you. You deserve a guy who's loves you for you.

thank you so much <3 and I'm about to post an update c: