Síocháin Go Raibh Ar Talamh! (Peace Be Upon Earth!)

It is said - No matter how much time or distance separates you from the village, something of the original spark of its fire still burns within you. This is true for me and so I am powerfully drawn to the spiritual paths of my Anglo-Celtic Pagan Ancestry, including Druidry, Celtic Reconstruction, Faerie Faith; as well as Shamanism and a profound attraction to other wisdom traditions, especially the Buddha dharma (teachings of the Buddha). To further my understanding of ancient and modern Druidry I joined the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in the UK in 2007. I continue to study the Bardic grade gwersi (lessons) of the order which are self-paced. I enter Eisteddfod (Welsh art and literary competitions dating back to the 12th Centry CE) I have have won three gold harps in for my art work.


Beannachtaí na nDéithe is na sinsear ort!
(Blessings of the Gods and Ancestors upon you!)

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Hey ...I realized I forgot to ask you what the Gaelic translates to at the end of your comment ???...I found a learn Gaelic site on the net ...just have not had the time to pursue it...I bet it sounds lovely...could you tell me what you said...oh and thanks again...:D

PS you remind me very much of my brother Michael...<br />
I hope I can call you a brother

Most certainly dear! .. oh (I had a brother named Michael too - sadly he was killed when we were children). I wanted also to tell you that I think that what gave me the chills was I had a keen sense that you were being contacted by these spirits (hope that's not too weird for you (LoL)... Also I thank you so very much for your kind words - they meant a lot to me. P.S. I am also in the US. I also was very attracted to Native American spirituality, which I highly value and respect - this is why I put my energies towards exploring and reclaiming my [pre-Christian] spiritual heritage. Beannachtaí na nDéithe is na sinsear ort!

tis not wierd at all...Thank you from the heart...coincidence is such a cosmic experience and I would feel very blessed to be a friend..Cyn

whoa...thank you so very much for your response...Bloodline is one half Irish ,one quarter Welsh and one quarter French Canadian...every thing you wrote about is so wonderous (sp) to me...I have always been a bit of an oddity in the family dynamics..forever curious about the unexplained..and a sponge when soaking up esoteric knowledge of the Celtic Cultures...and the Native American culture also as that is where I live , the USA..When I first read about the Tuatha Da Danann..it was in a novel...this sparked something...there is not much available to read that I have found here.I honestly dont know where I am going these days...but so loved reading your first post peace be upon the Earth...I think it is lovely that you are in the world and the knowledge that you have is critical to earth time now...wow those last few words just popped out of somewhere...Namaste to you (ie I mean the third defination of this word) one spirit recognizing another) Be Blessed and Be Well Cyn

I am curious...perhaps you may awnser a question for me....I have dreams of oak trees...and there are people there...casually dressed ...vibrant eyes..I am currently particpating in alternative healing energy style...and I am a bit puzzled yet not afraid..I was about to drive my car in this dream...the car is a tough lil Audi quattro (1991) and this force was pushing the car sideways in the drive way into a big old oak..no damage no risk of injury ??? I have been absorbing the words of books on alternative beliefs through -out history ...I am not wiccan, I am not Druid..I guess you could say I simply am...any thoughts....???

You know - I got chills all over when I read your post - that's odd, even for me - As for my beliefs, perhaps you could have Celtic Ancestry somewhere in your lineage? I immediately thought the Tuatha Dé Danann.

For what it's worth - The ancient Celts called them the Sidhe, the spirit-race of ancient Ireland. They are the source of the Faery Lineage. According to the traditional history of Ireland, specifically the Mythological Cycle, the Tuatha De Danann became a Faery people of Ireland, and many were great warriors under the High Kings of ancient Eire (another name for Ireland). Some of them even eventually became the stuff of legends and fairy tales, even into the modern era. The Tuatha de Danann flead to Tir Nan Og, the Land of Perpetual Youth, after their defeat by the Milesians, however those who remained in Ireland became the Daoine Sidhe. Side (Shee) is Irish (gaelic) for 'people of the hills'. Originally it referred to the mounds in which faeries lived, though it has now come to refer to the inhabitants as well. Very, very cool and very interesting!

And all the other Hellsing characters