I've always liked drumming. Ever since I started listening to music, I thought drummin was cooler than anything else. I mean, u play like 10 different instruments. And drums are super essential to a rock band. I mean, u can't have one w/o the drummer. And if you did, u would have NO steady rhythm whatsoever. SO I decided I wanted to be a drummer.

So when I was in fifth grade, I decided to join band. They gave us a sheet of the instruments we could choose from. And we had to pick three choices. I chose: 1. Drums  2. Trumpet  3. Clarinet. So Mr. Thomas (the band director) gave us a test to see what instrument we would be right for. He gave me the drum test first. He made me do some par-a-diddles on the ground (which is when u het the ground with R hand, then L, R, R; or L, R, L, L) and he told me rite off forget about the other instruments, you are a drummer.

I was so happy. But sort of dissapointed when I found out I wouldn't be playing drum SET. But a couple of years later they tought us how to play set, and then I got my own set for christmas. So now, I rokk out loud! So I learned that u gotta start small to get big. And that counts for my size too!

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Awesome. How old are you?