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A Dog, a Cat, a Barrel of Monkeys

I have been drumming since I was a teenager. I have even taught others. I love it. It is as pure joy to sit at a drum kit and bang out a rhythm. I love all percussion actually. I recently aquired a Box Drum- it rocks. It's such a free feeling, for instance on the kit, all your limbs working at once and yet independently. All your soul in tune with the unstoppable beat of the music that you yourself are creating. It's like meditation. I haven't been able to keep up with it as well as I should be and I am no longer in any bands or groups- and I miss it very much. I used to be in a big samaba band, and then I ran my own one. It's amazing being a drummer- and it's a good work out too ;)
FrozenFire FrozenFire 18-21, M Oct 30, 2007

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