Am I ?

Maybe I need your comment about this. I am a Christiant, and since I was in senior high school, I begin to hearing the voice (in Christiant, we believe it is a holy spirit), and it like always guided me until now, but I never know this "Crystal Child" word until now. I always sense something incredible that other people couldn't do, and I can predict a bit in future before it is happen. But sometimes I felt fragile and very sensitive, or I just got a sense that I different from other people. Sometimes, I just wondering who am I.
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I just got told I was a Crystal Child by a complete stranger, who said she was someone who could sense if someone was a Crystal Child. I had no idea what the heck that was so I decided to look it up. <br />
This is all so new for me. <br />
Yes, I sometimes have that sense too. <br />
I am a Christian, but I was wondering what a 'Christiant' is ...(?)<br />
I believe my calling is to become a medical missionary to 3rd world countries, especially Haiti.

Did the voice stop guiding you? Was the voice friendly? You do fall into the era of Crystal Children, as seen in your age. You should read the book on Indigo and Crystal children by Doreen Vitrue, it may have the answers you're looking for.