How Can I Cope?

I am an early crystal child, I was born in 89. I know that I am a crystal child in so many ways, but now that I am "awakened" I feel as though something has gone terribly wrong with me. i missed something or someone or ive been asleep for too long..... is this possible? . I have always felt as though I was operating on a different system than the rest of the world. like i could see something they didnt or i understood something they didnt, the pain and suffering that exists here burns me inside, it feels like my soul is screaming. for the last year or so ive been battling a deep depression, caused from lack of satisfaction with the physical world and a burning desire to go HOME.

i feel as though i might have missed something because i retreated within at a young age. my mother, an early indigo, is a child protective services social worker so i became exposed to particularly horrific material (accidentally) two to three times and i think it may have done something, like overload. i closed myself off extremely to both the spiritual world and the physical world. hid within myself. i always had a small group of close friends, who i now recognize as indigos, which helped shield me from this world, as they are natural protectors. but as an adult i am now, STILL, at a loss for how to cope in this world without closing off from it. i cant fulfill my purpose if i retreat, i understand that now. please, any advise or words of encouragement would help so much
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It's never too late! I'm just realizing I'm a crystal scout (circa 1987) and its a terrifyingly beautiful experience. I've suffered many intense traumas that could shatter lives but somehow remained "here" "alive" and now I'm really starting to wake up. It's a painful process, but the pain you are so sensitive to is just the voice you need to hear. It's your guide to let you know when you are not vibrating in harmony with your "destiny" or whatever you personally call it. The fact that you are even recognizing and resonating with these ideas and frequencies is quite notable as many people dismiss these thoughts and feelings. Allow the energy to flow though you, ask for help from your angels, be grateful for the things you have, BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE! and most importantly accept the gifts our wonderful universe presents to you. Your purpose in life lies in aiding humanity somehow, but only you decide which way is best for you to accomplish that. You are a divine light worker and a healer, embrace your gifts.

...also grounding yourself is super important. Nature helps.

Hey, I just stumbled upon your post and I have to say, this is exactly what I'm experiencing, seriously almost word-for-word, my life. So though I have many of the same questions as you do, and can't I quite express the answers, I can at least offer some comfort in that you are not alone in it. I consistently feel like I understood it all when I was a child, and somewhere along the way I lost it. And the desire to go home; I'm so glad you said that because I've been trying to find those words for a long time. That's it exactly. And I also can now realize when I start to go inside myself as a retreat, but I can't always control it. For me, it's like I can see and feel everything but I can't do anything to change it or even acknowledge it because my words stop working so I only exist on the inside. And I feel like I can't share it the way I'm supposed to because it gets stuck inside me. Does that make sense to anyone? I just can't figure out how to deal with the world without either running blindly within it, or peacefully observing from the outside. Anyway, I really appreciate your story, glad it came to me when it did. Hope you are well, and that we can both continue to figure this out, maybe even remember why we're here. Much love.

hey, i feel what u say very strongly. i myself hav discovered that i am crystal. life hasnt been very kind at all times in my case ... which caused me to seperate into peices... u can say that i am a fragmented soul. ys, somtimes life breaks you... makes you go inwards and make u feel like u will never come back out but trust me when i say that two things can heal this... time and love! like the other posts i would recomend detachment as a form of coping. as sensitives we feel more and see more which can be devatsating to our delciate inner world. however we must accept this world as it is and try to be stronger than what we ar facing. i hope this helps...

Have you ever seen Harry Potter? Most have, in it one of Harry's father's best friends states, "here, eat some chocolate, it really helps". Do you know why that is? Because chocolate grounds humans to their physical body. I'm not trying to make you a diabetic : ), but there is a certainty with crystals that we are in space way to often. Meaning that we interact with the minds and spirits of all that is around us on a constant basis. But we are humans. We are flesh that must interact with others. Just as the wise souls stated above, balance is key to developing a happy and successful human life. I wish you the best for your future.

very funny comment and very true!
we need to be grounded and balanced!

Ohayo. ^_^<br />
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... Close your eyes and imagine a crystal, one crystal. Sometimes it takes time, other times it may just pop up. Imagine it at the center of your vision meaning in front of you with your eyes still closed. Is that crystal glowing or what is it doing? Observe the crystal but do not feel for emotions or assumed conclusions... Just observe. Reflect.<br />
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We all had friends that stay beside us, almost drawn to us and at times there to shield us as we grow and progress in this world.<br />
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To begin coping, one must first understand their own gift if they believe they have it. One example is sensing emotions and a desire to return home because of all the challenges this world has to offer. One must develop those gifts and understand what affects them both the good and the bad. As it is said by many, not just emerging or elder souls, crystals, mystics, incarnates ... whomever, that "These gifts are both a curse and a blessing." It is how you use it and see it.. your thoughts on it that are the driving force to either make this life a nightmare or a means to cope and become open to this world. <br />
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There are so many that have a hard time coping. I am one of them. I have been at the same forefront of challenges, pain, suffering with this world. Even .. to the point of turning away from my own mission, or reason for being here, even thoughts of suicide emerged. It was not a good time in my life. <br />
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You have a deeper vibration that only you can tap into that will protect you from this world. The hardest challenge is to accept what this world has to offer because later down the road you are able to cope with it. You are still young, what you seek is answers to the problems you face. Detachment from this world has its benefits but it will not solve other problems that need to be addressed. The words "soul searching" come to mind or center your being ... You ask how?... Reflection. Only you can find it.Whether you are a crystal, an indigo, or any other, think of the positive things that you are able to do. Search for your answers, do your own research and understanding of Indigo's, of Crystals and all their characteristics, and dive deeper and find your strengths as a human being in this lifetime. ...... Try to be happy, think positive, and keep looking forward no matter how chaotic this world becomes.<br />
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~In metu et in amore et in morte~<br />
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great anwser as always skies!

Thank you Skies. I know what you say to be true. My recent sufferings are the result of fear. This emotion has never come to me naturally, and the physical in the world have created it for me. I know the shining light I have inside of me and I must only continue to access it, rather than shut it out.