Being Here

Hello dear fellow crystal beings

What a gift to be connecting here. What a gift to have read so many stories & experiences that resonate so strongly with my own. How good this feels.

I'm in the older age bracket for this group, I'm 32.

Hmm I've been muddling my way through this world for all those years now. Like so many of you, trying to find the middle ground between this demanding, often intrusive and harsh world, and a clear expression of my pure beautiful inner spirit that seems to fit so poorly here. Feeling trampled down, knocked about & squashed in along the way. Internalising all of that, so I've got voices inside as well as out there, telling me I'll never fit in & I'm not good enough & that it's hopeless, tearing me down on the inside. Clutching at straws of hope & faith & beauty here & there, sucking in big deep breaths of fresh air when I can before I get sucked back into the rapids. And way deep inside knowing that I'm totally amazing & beautiful & perfect, & that the problem is not with me but with this nuts world that I've elected to come into. But bearing the pain still of an existence that keeps knocking me on the head...

But my god I've done well, I really have. I grew up & went through school in a little country town that didn't like anyone who didn't fit in, in a family that had good intentions deep down but way unbalanced, unhealthy patterns with a strong dose of abuse. Massive. Energetic. Wounds. But I've been untangling those wounds for years, pulling them apart, loving them & letting them go. So much healing. Not easy, but so much learning & light in it all.

And now to have come across this Crystal Children concept, and to see myself so strongly in all of the characteristics. Except I'm perhaps a little older than most of the souls identifying as crystal beings. One of the advance guard perhaps :) Although I was born in 1980, & it looks like there are quite a few 70's souls here too - blessings too to your dear selves for your trailblazing :)

One thing I've realised in reading all these dear souls' stories here, is how shut down I've made myself. How tightly I've clamped down on my senses that should extend way out to hear, see, feel & know so much more than they do, energetically, psychically, spiritually. I want that back now, I ask for help, love & support to unlock all of these gifts in myself. To help me learn how to access them again, without getting blown away by all the crazy energy here that needs to be filtered out. Angels, guides, gaia, earth souls, help me now claim back this birthright.

Thanks for reading my story dear ones. Thank you for your gifts in coming into this life, for your incredible strength in being here. May you be wrapped in love & support, acceptance & understanding, to unfold your radiant brilliant light :) I love you.

Blessings xx
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Namaste and welcome fellow earlier Crystal Scout.