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iv always had a weird life, when i was little would have crazy, reoccuring dreams that would sometimes come true or parts of them would. i talked at a later age, i am constantly getting complements on my eyes. they are blue/green depending on how i feel, and what i wear. Thats the first thing people notice about me and noone on either side of my family have light eyes except my half brother, my grandma and my uncle on my moms side.When im in big crowds or crowed areas i get headaches cus i feel as if i can hear all conversations at the same time, i have to go to a diffrent room to test in school because i cant concentrate in a middle name is rain because when my mom was pregnant, if it would rain or if she would turn on running water i would kick. i never knew about crystal childen. about 2 weeks ago i told my friend about how when i was alone i would get these yelling and mixed voices in my head and i couldnr stop them. she kinda giggled and ignored it. about 2 days ago i was with her and she noticed i was covering my nose nd she asked what was wrong i told her my senses have been hightend latly i feel like when i look at things far i zoom in on them and i could smell things from a mile away and just stuff like that. i have dreams that come true,and i feel like i can hear peoples we were sitting in the living room she randomly came by and droped her phone on my lap with an article about crystal children and she asked if i can relate to any of these symptoms as i went on i fliped out cus how much i had in common with these children. also i think my brother might be one or a raiinbow child. he's 3 and crystal blue eyes, he hardly talks but the docters say they cant dignose it, and sometimes i catch him smileing off into space as if he could see something i couldnt. as i started to think about it my mom was always facinated in faires and things like that, she has a nose like a dog and hears things from a mile away. i feel like shes hideing something from me. I just want someone to tell me whats going on and help me control my abilties or "powers" i want to heal people and learn about all that.
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Greetings dear one. From reading your story I would say you are indeed one of the Lightworker children as I have started to call them collectively these days because it fits better. One of those special souls that has come to help raise the vibrational levels and make way for the changes that are occurring for the betterment of Earth. It also sounds like your younger brother is as such also. The staring off and smiling and laughing at unseen objects is quite common. He is indeed probably seeing either orbs or other lightworker souls that have come to communicate with him on his level. First and foremost in gaining control of your abilities is that you must incorporate meditation into the mix. With meditation you will learn discipline and patience. This will help you fine tune your "seeing" abilities. Once you master meditation, then you can begin to find tune the other gifts you already have. Practicing each one at a time. Patience is a key virtue here and do not be afraid of mistakes, they do sometimes happen. It is how we learn. Other things to be learned along the way are shielding and cleansing. I highly recommend for you to get these stones: Aqua Aura Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Jasper and a Seraphite. These will help you focus, ground and protect all at the same time as well as giving you the pathways to the higher connections you will need to hone your abilities further. If you have any other questions you may message me privately. I also highly recommend picking up the book Lightworker by Sahvanna Arienta.